Temecula California – Wandering Through

We spent a couple of weeks in Temecula a bedroom community north of San Diego filled with wineries and our good friends Beth and Dan. 

Many of our friends had never heard of Temecula. It is located in Riverside County and is a bedroom community with easy access to Orange County and San Diego known for affordable housing and wine country. Once the home of the Temecula Indians and then Spanish Missionaries who created Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. Eventually, Mexican Land Grants created the Rancho Temecula. Once prosperous cattle land, it is now wineries, farms, housing and retail which includes a cute old town area filled with restaurants and fun shops. 

Sunset Over Skinner Lake


We first stayed at Skinner Lake – which honestly I wouldn’t recommend unless you fish and don’t enjoy hiking.  It is a large park but surprisingly there are no hiking trails.  Everything is a nature preserve so no walking allowed off the roads. The park is the location of a balloon fiesta which looks like an amazing event to attend. They also have a fleet of rental boats and a playground, a laundry mat, and a general store. Staffing was polite and site access and parking easy. If the area was filled with hiking and biking trails it would be perfect. The weather was a bit cold and windy during our visit to spend time on the lake which easily could have redeemed the park for our visit. 

The Speakeasy Entrance

The highlight of our visit was catching up with college friends Beth and Dan Heires. We had several dinners, lunches and even managed to find our way into a speakeasy complete with secret doors and passwords.

From the park, we moved over to the Pechanga Resort & Casino and stayed there for another week. The Casino has a nice RV park with lots of amenities including a pool, laundry and a small strip of grass at each site. There is also easy access to the casino for gambling and concerts. The golf course has a great happy hour restaurant with beautiful views of the mountains and a good menu. 

In town we managed to find microbrews, pizza, and everything we needed in retail land not too far away.  The old town is cute and fun to wander around in. The entire community is an old ranch with a grand history. Surrounding areas are filled with wineries and farms. It really is a great location with just a touch of the ocean air. We really liked the area and enjoyed our time so much we could even imagine living here….

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