San Juan Islands – Summer Fun

As the country was heating up we were lucky enough to head out on the water for a week. We started our adventure boarding the boat in Roche Harbor and then anchoring overnight in Westcott Bay.

Our lodging for the week.

As we anchored out our guests arrived.

Prepping for waterskiing with a little pep talk.

Lucy showing us how to get it done.

The peanut gallery cheering us on.

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Pop Tarte takes his turn.

Eventually, the Tarte’s took off into the sunset.

We crossed over into Canada for a few nights in Sydney enjoying more beautiful sunsets.

A day in Victoria seeing the sights.

Dave is still working on his pinky placement for high tea at The Empress – a mandatory event in Victoria.






A tour of the British Parliament Building was interesting and informative. Who knew that British Columbia once had a vote to be either part of Canada or the US?

The flowers here are amazing!

Off for a night in Telegraph Harbour.

Beautiful walks and paddles around the harbor.

Just a short walk away is the honor store/bakery filled with yummy goodies.

A few more nights out, early morning photo shoots and we crossed back into the USA.

Sunrise in Prevost Bay

Mt. Baker

Cattle Point Lighthouse

Before long our boat trip was wrapping up and these three shuttle captains picked us up with the ski boat. The price was very reasonable if anyone is looking for safe transportation. We wrapped up a great week of traveling with family.







2 thoughts on “San Juan Islands – Summer Fun

  1. Robin Tarte

    Well you lucked out getting these shots when you did – especially Mt. Baker – the smoke is so thick up here on the island now we have NO sunset – the sky just fades to black with no horizon – very strange, and very sad 🙁

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. wanderer Post author

      Sorry to hear the smoke is so bad! We are grateful that we had such amazing weather and timing for our boat trip. Enjoy your time and hope the smoke clears soon. It is smokey here in Central Oregon too. At least we can’t taste the smoke yet.

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