Kuala Lumpur – City Life

We spent a quick 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, the capitol of Malaysia. After so many small towns, it was overwhelming to be in a big city.  We ate our way through the city and put many miles on our feet every day exploring the city on muddy waters  (Kuala Lumpur means confluence of two muddy rivers) .

The weather was overcast and rainy, but still warm.  While we had a big list of activities to try, we barely scratched the surface of the area.

Based on recommendations we stayed near the Bukit Bintang neighborhood.  We had plenty of street vendors and enjoyed easy access to Jador street, every food you can imagine was available.  Of course we also found a German bar and a microbrew pub for a little taste of home.

A little german beer to cheer us up with something familiar

Is Dave actually thinking he needs to go back and learn a little more?

We spent one day on a self guided tour of old architecture around the city. Did you know Malaysia gained it’s independence in 1957 – just barely 60 years old!  Since its independence, Malaysia has had one of the best economic records in Asia, with its GDP growing at an average of 6.5% per annum for almost 50 years. The economy has traditionally been fueled by its natural resources, but is expanding in the sectors of science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism.

The amazing fabrics and colors of the city

I love this elderly couple wandering down the street together.

Our accommodations in Kuala Lumper were not great.  It is amazing how much our trip can be influenced by our where we stay.  On our next visit we will upgrade our accommodations and hopefully visit some other areas in the country.  And of course we hope for better weather so we can appreciate the view from the KL Tower.

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