Guanajuato City Day Trip

We took a day trip to Guanajuato City and really enjoyed and appreciated the differences from our current home in San Miguel de Allende. This capital city was made famous due to the wealth from the surrounding area mines – primarily silver and some gold. Now the capital of the region and home of the local university. 

We boarded Primera Plus for the 90-minute ride to the capital city followed by a quick taxi ride into the city through the tunnel system. The tunnel system is the only entrance to the city and follows old drainage ditches and tunnels dug in colonial times.

The unique bowl shape of the city means we were dropped in the center of the bowl looking up at the steep walls on all sides. The houses are box-like and painted in great colors, creating a striking vista. We took a funicular to the top of one side to gain a good view of the area. The walk down the hill really emphasized how steep and narrow the housing is. 

I loved the twisting alleyways and associated street art. We even made it to the famous ‘Kissing Alley’ where two star-crossed lovers who were prevented from seeing each other could reach across the balcony and kiss. The father found them kissing and in a rage, stabbed and killed his daughter while the lover held and kissed her hand as she died. Of course, we just kissed in the alleyway and skipped the stabbing part.

The architecture is wonderful, colonial and colorful throughout the city center. We also made it up the steps of the university and took our future album cover pictures — just in case we all become famous.

The look and feel are entirely different from San Miguel de Allende and we enjoyed the contrast. What I didn’t like was the hawkers on the streets. Something we don’t experience at all in our current home base. It was a reminder of traveling in Thailand and something we really don’t like.

Before long we had a meal, caught a cab and started the return trip back to San Miguel de Allende with a broader experience and understanding of the capital of Guanajuato.

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