Colorado At Last – Grand Junction

We finally made it in to Colorado after a more than a month in Utah. With the remote park locations we spent so much time at we were badly in need of supplies – everything from food, hiking shoes and of something to drink.

Grand Junction, while not a pretty town, was a good supply stay. We caught up on laundry, shopping and work for a few days. We stayed at a full hookup site at the KOA. So we had unlimited showers and lots of air conditioning – which we needed! The temps were too hot.

We did make it to a brewery (Edgewater Brewery) for a little food and beer and wandered around the historic downtown.  

We also spent a day and drove up over and around the Grand Mesa. Grand Mesa is the largest It is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world at 500 square miles. It was an interesting drive and we worked in a hike around one of the many lakes, Mesa Lake. It was nice to have a cooler place to hike, we even crossed a couple of small snow fields!

Check out the RV parked on the edge — now that is a view! But the wind up here is crazy strong.

From our hike we went off to Lands End – a great lookout on the edge of the Mesa. The Lands End road was built by the CCC project and is an amazing feat. We also visited some historic cabins that were used by the cowboys as they summered the cattle up on the mesa. I would much rather summer up on the mesa in the cooler weather! 

While we won’t be rushing back to Grand Junction, it was a great stop to get ‘stuff done.’ Cause we aren’t on vacation — just living life, doing laundry, paying taxes and such with a change of scenery every week.

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