Bend, Oregon – A Little Bit of Fun

Back to base camp to catch up with friends and enjoy a few weeks without having to look for campsites. We are still Oregon residents and have the pleasure of paying taxes, visiting our doctors and seeing our sticks and bricks friends and those rolling through town.

Here are a few pictures from a crazy busy month.

Dinner and drinks with Leigh and Brian – catching up for the first time in 2 years as they rolled through town.

Music and dinner with Tim and Amanda, just another fun evening with these two travelers.

Hiking the river trail and enjoying the artwork representing the logging history of the Bend Mill District.

A quick trip to see Mom (she put me to work at a fundraiser cooking dogs).

Hiking the buttes and enjoying the views.

Music at the park with Hayley and Troy. Just one of many many evenings we had with these two. We miss them when we are traveling and always have so many laughs!

Hiking and fly fishing at a new park in town. Hard to believe this is just a mile from our downtown Bend.

Pizza and Brews with traveling friends – Eric, Jeanette, Amanda, and Tim as they rolled through town.

Visits from Captain Eric always bring hugs and smiles.

Yummy Humm Kombucha in the kegerator (it’s not all beer all the time).

Seattle Seahawk Deed – Remember when you could buy the team for just $10 a month? Found while cleaning out the storage area to prep for sale and donation of ‘stuff.”

Music at The Park With Traveling Friends – Maggie and Wylie who rolled through town for a quick visit.

Enjoyed great sunsets and surfers while on an evening walk around town.

Bend Fourth of July Pet Parade is a must do when in town. We went after breakfast at The D, a dive bar downtown.

Good Life Brewing Company is always a great afternoon of enjoying drinks and brews on the lawn with live bands.

We had a blast in Bend and vistied lots of other people and did loads of other things, but no instagram moments, so did it really happen? In the blink of eye we were packing and setting off on a boating adventure.


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