Zion, Utah – Fun With Friends

Sometimes we are so busy living, there isn’t much time to write about it.  But not a day goes by that I don’t take a few minutes to reflect on how fortunate we are to have these experiences and these great friends who travel miles to meet up with us!

The Gang Together Again – Brian Moody, Nancy Gammond-Moody, Paige Schultz, Erich Schultz, David Bassett

We made a dash across California to meet up with friends (The Moody’s and Schultz) for a week of laughter in Zion.

Dave did the heavy lifting with long drive days and we made a couple of one night stops to break up the drive. Owl Canyon Campground, Barstow California is a BLM Campground at $6 per night.  Minimal services (picnic table, fire pit and pit toilet) operated by BLM. While it looks like an interesting place to explore – we didn’t think the long bumpy gravel road was worth a second look.

As we passed through Las Vegas we realized we had a flat tire – an actual cut in the side wall.  We  attribute the flat to the bumpy road to and from Owl Canyon.  Thankfully we were across the street from an excellent tire shop – and all was fixed in about an hour.  Turned out 3 other tires were low, from faulty stem valves.  This would be a great plug for a tire monitoring system! I just noticed the low air as we filled our propane tank. Thankfully we carry a full size spare. So while we are going to have some challenges filling the tires, currently they are all good to go!

From there we popped into Virgin River Canyon, Littlefield, Arizona. Another BLM Campground at $8 per night with Verizon service and beautiful views.  We had amazing full moon views over the canyon walls.  We almost considered staying an extra night — but the excitement to see friends in Zion won out.

Our final stop before Zion was on BLM land outside of Zion in La Verkin, Utah (20 minute drive to the gates of Zion Park).  We found a great boondocking site with views out over Zion.  Mountain biking right out the door and a room for friends….who showed up the next day.  We had a couple of days with the Schultz before we both packed up and headed into Zion.

Schultz joining us outside of Zion for their very first boondocking experience!

Amazing views from Observation Point

Zion – Watchman Campground

I love staying inside National Parks and always choose the convenience over the cost.  Not having to wait in entrance lines, easy access to the bus system and relaxing inside while others are stuck in traffic outside the park.  It makes the cost per night $30 well worth it.  The Watchman campground is beautiful with the towering mountains all around and a river running through the site.

As planned, all 3 campsites where close and we spent all day shuttling between campsites for breakfast, dinner, games and drinks.  We hiked almost every morning and sometimes afternoons as well.  I did 43 miles in just 1 week!

Girls Behaving Badly

We hit Observation Point, Hidden Canyon, the path to the Narrows (Narrows were closed due to high water), Watchman Trail, Court of Patriarchs, Sand Canyon and the path to the nature center.  The campground is also just a mile from town and we walked in several times for food and shopping.

The boys hanging off the chains on the way to Hidden Canyon

Nancy checking out the views near Court of the Patriarchs

Dave hiking to Hidden Canyon

Girls Behaving Badly Part 2 – Touching all the ‘no touch’ buttons on Brian’s truck. Hope he thinks this is as funny as we do….

It was an amazing week, filled with laughter and fun.  I wish we could have just packed up and kept traveling together.  While in our travel we are always looking for adventure, this was truly a week off to play with friends.  And we had SO much fun!

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4 thoughts on “Zion, Utah – Fun With Friends

  1. Nancy Gammond-Moody

    We had so much fun! I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t include a picture of you “bouldering”. The tiny bit of shoe in the one shot did not do that laughter filled adventure justice.
    I’m looking forward to the time we can keep heading down the road …
    Hugs ~ Nancy

  2. Paige Schultz

    I can’t believe you didn’t include the picture of you and your sister from another mister behaving badly in Walmart!

    Can’t wait for the next GBB reunion.

    ????? P

    1. wanderer Post author

      I know, the only one I could get to import was Nancy driving the scooter. I wanted the margarita mix or the tuna….. guess we will need to make another trip!

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