We Travel, We Don’t Vacation…..

Just a little sampling of the amount of snow we are running away from….

While hanging out with family over the holidays I mentioned that we would be traveling for the next 10 months. Not actually back to our home base for doctors appointments and such until October.  Not exactly the definition of a normal vacation.  Because we don’t vacation, we travel.   

That means is we are still living our daily life – the good, the bad and the boring.  Much of our time is spent exploring new interesting locations.  Of course as travelers – the interesting location could be anywhere in the world.  But we still do laundry, read our email and watch movies.  In between we might mountain bike through the cactus, hike a slot canyon or take a Thai cooking class in Thailand.  We enjoy the extended amount of time to explore the area and really enjoy the people and places.

Vacation                        Versus Travel
A limited amount of time typically 1-2 weeks Extended Amount of Time
Disconnect from work and daily life Continue with daily life details including phone calls and email
Detailed itinerary planned ahead Rough idea on itinerary but room for impromptu trips
Laundry comes home dirty Still doing laundry
Restaurants and museums Cooking and integrating into the local culture

One family member mentioned they didn’t want to ‘bother us’ while we were vacationing.  Why not? If you wait for me to be at my home base, we will never talk.  Please don’t avoid me while we travel.  That would be such a lonely existence!  If we don’t talk, how are we going to catchup and possible meet up while we travel?

Flexibility in our travel has allowed us to meet up with family and friends all over the globe. In years past we have met friends in Palm Springs, Tucson, Phoenix, Sedona, Santa Cruz, Flagstaff, Mt. Angel and San Juan Island.  This year we plan to meet up with friends all over the world including Thailand, Hong Kong and Mexico and closer to home in Utah and Colorado.  We are spreading our wings, leaving the RV behind for a few months in 2017.

So where will you be?  Will we cross paths in 2017?  Check out our plan page for a rough idea of where we are planning to be.   Right now we are escaping TONS of snow in Bend and off to sunny days in Thailand.


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