We Made It – 103 Days Alive and Wanting More!

We survived 103 days!

We survived 103 days!

We made it back to Bend, pulled into the driveway and walked into our kitchen with trepidation.  We both stopped on the edge in awe at the size of the kitchen.  We had been gone for so long that we forgot how big a ‘normal’ house is.  We are efficient and happy in 200 square feet – what are we going to do with all this space?

Unpacking, reconnecting, working and repairs have absorbed our time since we got back.  We were gone for 103 days and loved every minute of it.  Since our return we have had a little bit of the OMG why do we have all this stuff?  And so the purge begins!

The first weekend we were numb and overwhelmed from all the space and stuff we were surrounded by.  I didn’t want to unpack, to plan or even deal with any of it.  But as time has gone by we have dug in and are starting to look at what is next.

Work has absorbed me.  I think they missed me a little bit, but my crew is just trying to make me feel needed.  They did just fine without me.  While I was gone they moved offices and I spent my first week just unpacking my office.  The new space is fantastic and it did not come with the toxic smell that caused us to move out of the last space.  A smell that quite frankly kept me from coming back for a visit.

Dave has been cramming in so many projects it is crazy.  He has upgraded the solar (with some help).  Is working on upgrading the television and reorganizing all the tv ‘stuff’.   In the midst of all that he went on a rampage and pulled together a big garage sale.  The garage is a little cleaner and the entire house has less stuff.

We do love Bend and are having fun catching up with everyone.  After a few weeks the overwhelming feeling has subsided and we are busy planning/packing for the next adventure.

Next stop is family, family, family.  Headed to Seattle and then float plane to Roche Harbor.  Hanging out for a couple of weeks with family and a few friends.  My grandma passed away recently and we are celebrating her life and legacy.  She leaves an amazing legacy of kids, grandkids and cousins here in the US and in Norway.

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