Wandering To An Island – San Juan Island, Washington

We just returned from almost 2 weeks in the San Juan Islands for some relaxation (I mean we were home working for 3 whole weeks).  The RV is parked and going through a few minor renovations with the solar getting finished and the television/stereo upgrade.  So we wandered away by car and plane.

Dave drove up in the car from Bend, Oregon and took the ferry.  I followed a few days later on Kenmore Air.  If you ever have a chance to fly up there or even just do the sight seeing trip out of Seattle on a float plan – DO IT!  So beautiful and just amazing to see all the islands from the air.  No other way to appreciate the geography quite like a flight.

There are nearly 450 islands in the San Juan Archipelago during low tide (smaller islands are submerged during high tide). The San Juan Islands are part of the larger San Juan Archipelago located in the north-west of the US. The islands in the archipelago are split into two groups: San Juan islands are part of the US (state of Washington) while a group of islands called Gulf Islands are part of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

There are eleven major islands comprising the US San Juan Islands: Stuart, Waldron, Orcas, Lummi, Shaw, Cypress, Blakely, Decatur, Lopez, Guemes and the largest San Juan. There are 70 minor islands which are also considered to be part of San Juan islands. Some of the minor islands are only visible during the low tide since they get completely submerged by the high tide.

There is an interesting story about the splitting of the islands between the British and the US as a result of the famous Pig War which can read by following this link.

I have grown up in and around the the San Juan Islands boating and spending time at my grandparents home on San Juan Island.  It is a magical place where the orcas and eagles play, the crab and oysters are abundant, and the sunsets will put a smile on your face.

While up on the island we can be crazy busy crabbing, clamming, fishing, hiking, boating or cooking.  Or spend the entire time parked on the deck watching the world float by.  A nice balance of the two makes for a great trip.

A great sunset we enjoyed after dinner.... does life get much better?

A great sunset we enjoyed after dinner…. does life get much better?

We had a great trip with fantastic sunsets and even witnessed the Northern Lights.  Here are a few pictures that tell the story.



Wescott Bay Shellfish Farm

Wescott Bay Shellfish Farm – getting educated on how the oysters are raised.


Oysters – “turn off that grill, these are too good to bar-b-que”

Crab Dinner

Big dinners on the deck with fresh crab, muscles and oysters and a beautiful sunset to boot!


Wine Sunset

Post dinner sunset and just before the Northern Lights appeared

IMG_1943.MOV   Check out this link to a movie of the Bald Eagle feeding frenzy!

Eagle Bait

We witnessed an amazing eagle feeding frenzy – thankfully the little fox was not harmed. He wanted in on the food too!

Northern Lights 5

A little Northern Lights to cap off the trip

Northern Lights 1

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