Wandering Southern Spain

For the next leg of our international adventure we arrived in Conil de la Frontera, a small whitewashed village on the Atlantic coast of Southern Spain.

We had a lovely Airbnb with multiple bedrooms, an out of commission pool and a full kitchen. Our friends Kate and Iain (The Scenic Route) were a short walk away in their RV. Kate and Iain have been traveling around in their RV for nearly a year and were amazing guides for our adventure.

Conil is a summer beach destination for many. For our early season arrival, the town was just starting to gear up for the busy spring and summer tourists. We love to travel in the ‘shoulder seasons’ when you can see the sights and avoid the crowds. There are some things that we missed, sunny beach days and a few restaurants not yet open. But overall trading the heat and crowds for early season travel has been worth it. 

We spent our days exploring the surrounding towns and our evenings exploring the pubs and restaurants. Each day started about 9am, off to adventure up or down the coast. I am not sure what we expected, but it certainly wasn’t rolling green hills, reminiscent of a Microsoft screen saver. Winding narrow roads climbing up to castle like villages or ocean front roads where the cows have the best views, as the farmland covers the beach front acreage. By evening we were back for siesta and then off again on foot to find dinner about 9pm. 

Of course nothing explains the trip better than the pictures…

Baelo Claudia is one of Andalucía’s most well preserved Roman archaeological sites. Never thought I would be wandering through Roman ruins on a visit to Spanish Beaches. This seaside town was focused on Red Snapper fishing.

We loved our time in Conil de la Frontera. Most of all we loved hanging out with Kate and Iain. We make a point of getting together at least once a year. Any recommedations on where our next adventure should take us?

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