Traveling – Not A Solitary Existence

Traveling does not mean a solitary existence. It is easier to visit friends in other cities, catch up with family and meet new folks on the road. The great thing about traveling like a snail with our house – we bring our own sleeping arrangements! It also gives us the opportunity to have some down time while catching up with family and friends (something Dave desperately needed during our last family extravaganza in Palm Springs).

We continue to meet great folks on the road who are young, vibrant and full of life. The relentless pursuit of happiness is the theme of our friends at The Scenic Route I am enamored with their definition of having more experiences equates to more happiness. I agree and can’t wait for Kate’s book to come out detailing their experiences.

Around every corner there are folks around our age or younger that are traveling about enjoying life. Many are working and some just playing. We had a great happy hour just last night and met the folks from Aluminarium and The Slowskys.

The face of RV lifestyle is far more than just the 70+ retirees who sit in a single RV park. While stereotypes exist for a reason – we are trying to change that label. But for now, we will not say we are retired RVer’s – the mental picture just doesn’t suite us.

We are having some friends fly out and play with us as we jaunt around the sunshine state. Meanwhile we are starting loose travel plans that include family and friends from Alaska to Colorado.
Watch out — we might end up in your backyard soon! Until then, onto the mountain bikes to hit the trails.

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