Top 10 Reasons I Love San Juan Island

I love this place and just can’t get enough. We make it every year and still can’t stop talking about it, sharing it with friends and dreaming about our next trip as we reluctantly leave. So what are my top reasons behind the love?
  1. Sunsets
  2. Orca and Humpback Whales
  3. Deck – Often referred to as ‘The Vortex’ this deck will suck you in and keep you there. A sucking sound is often heard when someone finally gets up to leave. Enjoying the view, drink or book in hand and watching the world slide by. 
  4. Crab & Mussels- catching it fresh – there is nothing better! We regularly have friends who say they don’t eat mussels and then can’t get enough.
  5. Boating and Kayaking – Touring around seeing the sights, dropping in the crab pots, and jumping waves.
  6. Family style meals – We have had some world class meals right out of this kitchen, fresh ingredients and the setting sun can really improve a meal. Of course a roaring fire, lapping waves, glowing phosphorescence in the water.
  7. Memories – Having spent a lifetime of coming to the same spot I have reams of wonderful memories, especially of my grandparents who found this amazing location.
  8. House full of friends and family – We love to have the house full of friends and family for more laughter and someone to wash all the dishes.
  9. Golf carting into the harbor (never thought we would have lived and loved a golf cart community).
  10. Views – Spending hours searching for the Orcas or just watching the boat traffic float by.
On our last visit, we found a beautifully updated kitchen with new countertops and sink. Over the stove, someone had installed a crab sculpture that just struck me as funny. But over time the crab (who I named Louie) grew on me. He was a crafty little critter and could be found all over town getting into trouble. Here are just a few of his recent adventures…

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