The Fridge Incident

This story is getting to be the ‘oh your those people I heard about’ kind of story.  So I thought it best I tell what really happened, direct from the source.

When you live in a mountain town and you are thinking about wintering in the Southwest you have to be strategic in planning your exit.  I mean who wants a set of snow tires for an RV?  Our strategy was to park the RV in Redding California.  We located a space, set the date and towed over our jeep for the return trip.  We had a nice long weekend of camping and then set off to the storage facility.

We spent hours there cleaning everything out.  Getting it ‘mouse proofed as possible’.  Winterizing the water system – just in case.  Taking pictures of the clothes we left – so we wouldn’t double up when we packed for the return  (which I still did).

We backed ‘Babe’ into her winter home loaded with our belongings and precious mountain bikes and….the ice cream.  Yup I forgot to clean out the freezer and left all the ice cube trays and ice cream in there.

So fast forward to an hour outside of Redding and Dave says, “you got everything out of the fridge and freezer right?”  Scene cut to a horrified look on my face,  “I forgot the ice cream.”  Now mind you we are half way between Redding and Bend.  Turning around will add 2-3 hours to our trip.  So I bucked up, told Dave to keep driving and I would take responsibility for the mess.

We had visions of the entire coach overtaken by black mold.  Rats setting up camp on the kitchen counter playing cards and enjoying ice cream.

Dave enjoyed harassing me about the upcoming mess for months.  The story became legendary with just about everyone I know teasing me about the freezer mess. When we finally packed up to head over to Redding in January I had my gloves, rags and bleach packed and ready.

D Day – It was bad, it stunk, mold and stink everywhere.  Oh and did I mention we were on a time crunch to get to Palm Springs for a wedding.  And no water to speak of!   It smelled so bad that I took all the insides of fridge out, wrapped them up in garbage bag and tossed them in the jeep tow car.  At least far enough away to not bug us.

I did my best cleaning with at least an entire roll of toilet paper and a few rags that did get tossed.  The fridge and freezer needed to be kept closed until we had a proper place to clean them – running water!

So we high tailed it down to Palm Springs in record speed.  Forced to eat out the entire trip – which totally sucks when you have an almost perfectly good kitchen (but a fridge you can’t open).

At last we made Palm Springs, pulled into the resort and I don’t think the rig was even leveled properly and I was trotting off to the laundry room with a gallon of bleach and my dreaded plastic bag of fridge innards.

Lost – 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants to bleach

Gain – More fast food meals than I care to count.

We now have a super super super super clean fridge and freezer.  You could eat out of our fridge – and we finally can!

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