The Dog Crash

After an afternoon of injury by dog, this drink was created to cheer up my friend Becky and help her forget about her sore leg. 


  • Vodka
  • Pureed Watermelon
  • Lime slice
  • Tonic or Soda

Blend up a ripe watermelon to create a pitcher of watermelon juice.

In your cocktail shaker add a jigger (or two) of your favorite vodka with 1/2 cup of watermelon juice, fill with ice and and shake until cold and frothy.

Serve martini style (no ice) and top off glass with tonic or soda water depending on the sweetness of the watermelon. 

A slice of lime or watermelon is a perfect addition to the glass. 


2 thoughts on “The Dog Crash

  1. Laura

    I LOVE that you create a signature drink for every disaster or celebration. I especially love it because I got to have a famous “Dog Crash” on the very day of its invention and that thing was MONEY! SO good. Not that I want bad things to happen, but if fate is going to poop on our heads every so often, I am glad that you are creative enough to come up with incredibly tasty and fun drinks to mark the occasion!

    1. wanderer Post author

      It’s true you are part of your inspiration on that one! Next time you are feeling down just let me mix you up an elixir to fix her?

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