Steamboat Lake State Park – I Am Smitten

I am smitten!   Steamboat Lake State Park and the surrounding area is amazing, beautiful and jaw dropping.  Clark Colorado, just outside of Steamboat reminds me of Switzerland – if you just squint a bit and pretend the barns are swiss chalets.  The rolling green hills, the cows and horses dotting the fields.  While we had a cold wet start to our arrival.  Our short stay was enough for a little introduction and to wet our appetite for future exploration.

With the holiday – getting places to stay is an issue.  We had a most amazing camp site overlooking the lake, but only for 2 nights.  All the BLM lands we typically camp on are covered in snow or behind locked gates.  So today we picked up and headed for warmer temps.

Today we arrived in Utah at Dinosaur National Monument.  We will spend a few days here exploring before we move on to Park City.

We hit a milestone on the – 200 days since our departure from Bend!  We have seen so much, learned so much, met so many people and seen lots of family and friends.  It seems almost a shame to head back to Bend.  We are just starting to see the summer crowds come out and I must admit, the ease of knowing where we will sleep is comforting.  A few last adventures to be had and then we focus on the Pacific Northwest for the summer.  We aren’t going to sit still for long:-)

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