Sixty Days on the Road – 200 Square Feet and No Deaths…

Wow! I can’t believe that we are at two months on the road – surviving in 200 square feet of space and no injuries, deaths or divorces!  It has been such a great adventure full of surprises and unexpected bonuses.

In the pursuit of the ultimate flip-flop weather we end up spending a good amount of time outside in our ‘big back yard’. We are hiking, biking, exploring or just hanging out under the canopy relaxing.  Evenings are often spent around a camp fire with friends.

Just another day around the campfire with friends

Just another day around the campfire with friends

Thats right, I mentioned friends.  We have met and continue to meet wonderful ‘nomadic’ folks on the road.  There are so many young full-time RV’ers that we have been able to connect with.  Thanks to social media we are often able to connect with others as we move through the same areas.  Pictures and hashtags connect everyone on Instagram, so much so Dave finally broke down and set up his own Instagram account. Advice is available on good places to stay, good routes, food, beer and hikes.  So called ‘secret camping locations’ are shared and meet-ups planned in various areas.  We are headed to another meet-up next week.  It has been such a pleasant surprise as everyone has great stories about why they chose to full time.

There are a few main stories we hear from the full-time RVers we meet.  There are those that are looking for a cheaper way to live and want to do everything for free.  Others are older, retired and wandering around from RV park to RV park.  Some are following ale trails all over the country or tracking baseball teams around the country.  Pursuing junior ranger badges is common for the traveling families who home school on the road.

The group we identify with tend to be somewhat younger and seeking the adventure.  Over and over we hear about how great it was to get rid of all the trappings of success and pare down to the basics.  Figuring out what you need to keep and what can go.  Every object that is retained must be frequently used or worn, preferable with at least 2 uses.  If something isn’t used for 30 days — out it goes.  Just not worth taking up valuable space for something you might use one day.  It is easy to be seasonable and have momentos around when you have 2,000 square feet but at 200 square feet you need to be picky.  Kate, another full-timer from The Scenic Route wrote a great post about consumption.

Fireside stories of each how each person made the decision to go on the road are often heard.  Where ‘did you launch’ from and travel plans are main topics of discussion.  Well….Dave’s tend to start with “how many watts of solar do you have?” and “how much fresh water capacity do you have?”  There is so much to see and so many places to go it is fun to pick everyones brain on favorite places and add those to the bucket list.

At the moment we are enjoying life in Prescott, Arizona.  We have a few friends who happen to be visiting the area from Seattle we are meeting up with for a kayak outing on Watson Lake.  We are also meeting up with some locals we know (actually the folks who sold us our RV last spring) and of course a few full-timers traveling through.  Between a little work, some biking, hiking and paddling.  We should have no problem filling our days.

Watson Lake and the Granite Dells - at any moment I expect Gollum to come tell me about his precious ring

Watson Lake and the Granite Dells – at any moment I expect Galaxy Quest Rock Monster to appear

Our current route continues from here to Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Zion NP, Sun Valley and then Bend, Oregon (imagine that!).   Let us know if you want to meet up along the way!

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