Seville – A Photo Tour

When we planned to meet up with friends, Kate, and Iain in southern Spain, I had no idea what a beautiful setting we had in store for us. We started in Seville and the magic of the city founded by Hercules, the launching point of Magellan and most recently the home of Dorne (Game of Thrones). 

With just 3 days to tour aroun, we and made great use of our time seeing the sites in the old city, enjoying late night glasses of wines at outdoor cafes and wandering through royal residents. I went a little crazy on the photography.

Alcazar of Seville (royal palace of Seville) was built for Peter of Castile on the site of an Abbadid Muslim residential fortress destroyed after the Christian conquest of Seville. It is the oldest palace still in use. We spent an amazing day wandering around taking in the palace and the beautiful gardens. Sadly we didn’t run across anyone from GOT or Lawrence of Arabia…

Built in 2004, Metropol Parasol is the largest wood structure in the world. It looks like a bunch of giant mushrooms that you could order in a flat pack from Ikea. But I wandered around above and below and survived to tell the tale.

The street performers all over Seville were magnificent. From flamenco to opera and violin – a feast for the ears and eyes at every corner.

Seville was amazing and I hope to have even more time at some point to wander around. I think we just barely scratched the surface.

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