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Sedona is one of those places we come back year after year to enjoy. The views along with miles and miles of red rock trails call to me. I breath deeper and feel more relaxed here. The town is touristy and the traffic can be annoying. But if you avoid that touristy areas and stick to the trails, it is a wonderful!

We planned for over a year to spend the cold month of November in Sedona to see if it was the kind of place we could settle down in one day. The weather was no problem and we loved our location at Rancho Sedona RV Park. Nestled on the Oak Creek River within walking distance of town it was a great home base. The park is known for having lots of rules and running a tight ship. The results are beautiful well maintained ground and minimal noise. In my opinion, a great place to hang out. 

We were blessed with visits from family for Thanksgiving celebrations – coming from Seattle, Tubac and Los Angeles. With family staying in town it was an easy walk to meet up each day and plan our activities over breakfast at The Pump House Station. We also loved The Hideway‘s great food and wonderful sunset views. Everyone stayed at Los Abrigados in a large suite with a full kitchen. A precooked Whole Foods Turkey Dinner was the perfect feast to feed this large group.

Traveling friends from Minnesota, Phoenix, Prescott, Oregon, and California made stops in Sedona to visit. These ‘nomad’ meetups are what keep us having fun and looking forward to each and every stop we make. Of course hikes, music concerts and happy hours quickly filled our time and it was over in the blink of an eye. 

Hikes to Robbers Roost, Cowpies, Margs Draw, Munds Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Hangover Trail, Coffee Pot, and the Airport Loop are just a few of the trails we managed to get to. My favorite trail remains Oak Creek Canyon, which we missed this year. Trail details can be found on AllTrails (a great app to find trails filled with details, ratings, and review).

November is a great month as the area is a little quieter, a little colder and the leaves are turning in the canyons. It was a beautiful stay and we are excited for the next visit. We didn’t decide to settle down – but you never know.

A few pictures to show you what you missed…

Standard Album Cover Photo Shoot – Jamie, Laurie, Jase and Scott
Hiking into the cave
Robbers Roost or Shamans Cave
Hans and Lisa spent some time hiking, drinking beer and watching bands play. This was their last road trip as they just moved to Prescott Arizona!
The vortex art is randomly found around the trails. These are on the Cowpie trail.
Dave soaking it all in.
Hiking Coffee Pot almost in the center of town.
Surprise visit from Zena and Sondi
Amy’s coffee concoctions are the best!
Hans and Lisa’s new pad in Prescott
Amphitheater views – wow!
Crazy Family Fun

Sedona is an amazing place to spend time. If there is anything we missed, please let me know. This will not be our last visit. Or if you need any recommendations, happy to help!

6 thoughts on “Sedona In Pictures

  1. Laura

    Good timing on this post, as I was just about to start researching where to go and what to do in Sedona. Thanks for saving me a bunch of work! We’re looking forward to it. The hiking looks incredible!

    1. wanderer

      The hiking is great and I know you will have a great time. We usually start with the Airport Loop which gives a great overview of all the different areas and then focus on a particular area. We didn’t do much on the West Side this year – but there are tons of great hikes over there as well. Feel free to reach out if you want any additional suggestions. Have fun!

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