Sedona Hiking, Mountain Biking and 4-Wheeling

We had so much fun hiking and biking in Sedona.  While I rarely have any pictures from mountain biking, I do have a bunch from our two favorite hikes in Sedona.

We loved the West Fork Oak Creek Trail – High canyon walls and a meandering stream for 6 miles.  Reaching the end you slide along a ledge and enjoy a beautiful and peaceful view of the creek and high canyon walls.  This is a very popular trail and we recommend going early!  Oak Creek Trail

West Fork Sedona Hike-1West Fork Sedona Hike-3West Fork Sedona Hike-5West Fork Sedona Hike-6

Another fun hike was to Devils Bridge – The entrance is very rocky down a 4-wheel drive trail.  There are two alternatives hikes into the area as well that end up at the last mile up to the bridge.  It was a fun 4-wheeling down to the trail head.  The hike is super short but the views are stunning and worth putting up with the tourists.  Most of the tourists we saw stopped short of the actual summit – so we had it to ourselves.  Devils Bridge


Hiking UP to Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge

We did a little 4-wheeling in the Jeep as well.  This is a first for us and we had a blast, didn’t break anything and ended the trip with all 4 wheels on the ground.  A total success!


The long road

Finally breaking in the Jeep

Finally breaking in the Jeep

We mountain biked all over the area and took almost no pictures — cut me a break I was hanging on for dear life most of time!   We did a bunch of trails including – Cathedral Rock, Llama Courthouse Loop, Coxscomb Loop, Mescal Mountain, Boyton Canyon, Lime Kiln Trail (from Dead Horse Ranch State Park).

Anything you can think of that we missed?  This will not be our last visit to Sedona 😉


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