Santa Cruz Rendezvous – Friendsgiving

After a few weeks of Bend life we were getting the itch to travel and see some friends.  The last couple of years we have traveled a bit with our friends Kate and Iain of The Scenic Route.  Most recently we have been on different paths and it didn’t look like our RV travels would intersect anytime soon.  So we made a radical decision to drop our RV’s and find an Airbnb to meet up in somewhere in the middle.  It was the best way to cover the many miles to our meeting point.

2016 has been the year of saying yes to new opportunities and it has turned out brilliantly.  For this adventure we were all in and scoured all over for a great place to meet.  We had a connection in Santa Cruz that led to an amazing stay almost beachside.  The house was huge, beautiful and the location perfect for a meet up with friends.

Driving there we kept track of each others progress with an app called Glympse.  It allows you to follow someones progress turn by turn.   Nice when someone is arriving in the dark and you can run outside to greet them!

We had a relaxing 9 days of beach walks, brewpub stops, long chats about politics and travel.  Of course we made time to attend an English Beat concert in town (our 3rd time seeing them).  The main event of our visit was Friendsgiving dinner – Kate and I whipped up a feast of turkey with all the trimmings in the huge beautiful kitchen.

We stopped at a couple of breweries within walking distance of our pad.

At New Bohemia Brewing Company we really enjoyed the Eat My Schwartz black lager.  So much so, that we went back for more and even back a couple of growlers.  We also walked over to East Cliff Brewery for English style ales.   Their beer is made in the traditional British fashion that uses the gentle carbonation that occurs naturally from the fermentation process.  We enjoyed the E.O.B. English pale ale.




Dave hanging with the locals


Friendsgiving – Kate, Dave, Iain, Heather

We also did a little searching for our next meet up location.  Mexico in 2017 is looking like a winner.  Planning something always makes the goodbyes a little easier.  Because before we blinked it was a 4am wakeup call and a long drive back to Bend.  Memories of our adventures to hold us over until we meet again.


Verve Coffee


Beer Tasting

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