San Juan Island – More Friends and More Fun

Blog Updates-07

Brian and Leigh joined us for an afternoon of relaxing on the deck

Sunset w Friends-1

A gang of troublemakers – Todd, Grace, Michael, Brett, Iain, Kate

Sunset w Friends-2

Iain, Kate, Shannon, Dave

San Juan Island – After just a few days at home we were off to San Juan Island where we met up with several friends including Bike Mike, Erich and Paige of Travelingbendites, Kate and Iain of The Scenic Route and Leigh and Brian of Aluminarium, Brett and Michael, Todd and Grace also joined us.  Come to think of it, while none us took RV’s up there, almost everyone was an ‘RV’ friend.   We had a fabulous couple of weeks enjoying time with friends, fabulous sunsets, crabbing, great meals, kayaking, whale watching and relaxing.  A few too many games of Cards Against Humanity were played.  San Juan Island is always a special place, we can never to get enough of it.

Our days are filled with serious relaxing, crabbing and cooking.  Every meal is a mix of efforts from all who are there and filled with seafood.  At one point I had so much leftover crab that I made crab cakes.  Yummy!  At the moment I am writing this it is hard to imagine having ‘too much crab’…Blog Updates-05

Blog Updates-06

Our final days at the island included a visit from my Dad and niece Lucy.  As you can see she is very camera shy. Blog Updates-01


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