San Diego – December Highlights

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – After a month in San Diego we feel the surface has just barely been scratched.  We have had time to;

Try 11 local breweries and tap houses.  San Diego has so many local breweries that we barely scratched the service.  We made a considerable dent!  The winning brew is a seasonal stout from Stone Xocoveza that was amazing.  Second place for me was Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout.  I had no idea I liked stouts so much, but they are yummy.  Dave’s favorites were from Alpine and Alesmith brewing. A special thanks to Uber that made all this tasting and no driving possible!

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Visited Little Italy and the Farmers Market twice.  We are loving the fresh pasta from  Assenti’s Pasta,  PB Peanut Butter and Curry Hummus and Kefir Gingeraide from Superfood Coffee Co.  We loved the farmers market so much we even looked one up in Pacific Beach as well.  Smaller, but still able to stock up on a few of our favorites.

Our highlight restaurants include – Rubios Tacos(the original numero uno), Underbelly, Exquisite Deserts and Sushi Ota, Prep Kitchen, Crack Shack and Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens.

Dave spent a day touring the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier with Iain and loved it.  The Midway is one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers.  The deck space alone is 4 acres! I think we could easily drop him off there for another day of touring.

Hosted several happy hours and Cards Against Humanity games.  We had a chance to meet lots of folks that we had only previously heard or read about. There is a large community of full timers and we are constantly meeting up as we travel.

Volunteered at the local church to feed the homeless on Christmas morning.  Made a couple hundred sandwiches and passed them out.  Met some great people and we would love to continue on that project when our location allows.  Between cooking and serving we made a quick trip to the beach to enjoy the wind, waves and sand on Christmas day.  A little different setting than we are used to.

Decorated for Christmas and enjoyed a Christmas Eve out at the tap house (big surprise) and thai food.  Christmas Day was a group event where we rented out the club house and had a gathering of 10 for dinner.  Great food, great people and many laughs.  It was fun to combine so many travelers together – The Scenic Route, Island Girl Walkabout, Flying The Koop, and Drive Dive Devour.

IMG_2774 2

We made it to La Jolla, Torrey Pines, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Shelter Island, Mission Valley, Miramar and Ocean Beach.  28 years ago I lived in Pacific Beach with my sister.  So I had a great time looking up the old apartment (still standing) and eating at my favorite bar (Cass Street Bar and Grill).  Nostalgia was going strong and I had fun on the phone with my sister playing a game of ‘remember when’.

I had a chance to catch up with old friends Deana and Maryanne.  Both I hadn’t seen in years and it was great to find out where they are now and see the different paths we are all taking.  They both have great kids, good jobs and look fabulous!

Mark and Kim also swung by San Diego on their way back from international travel.  We had 3 days of catching up that involved several breweries (Stone, Ballast Point, Bottle Shop) before they took off for Denver.

We also caught up with Heather, my always missing Bend neighbor who lives down here (or in Mexico) on her boat.  She took a bunch of us out for an afternoon of sailing.  We had an amazing sail with great winds.  Her boat is huge and easily fit all 7 of us.  On the way out we witnessed a submarine coming back int the harbor – complete with guns pointed at us.  A warning to not get too close!  Lots of helicopters flying in formation and even dolphin training by the Navy Seals.  Super interesting watching what little we could see.

IMG_2813 8 IMG_2817 2

We paddled, biked, hiked and meandered around town and the bay.  Our spot on the bay meant great sunsets, fantastic neighbors and plenty of fun.  While Mission Bay RV Resort is a little closer quarters than we usually like, the neighbors (Kate and Iain) and the outstanding location made it a great location.  We were able to walk or bike right out the door and easy access to stores (or breweries).  See our review of the the RV park on Campendium.  We liked it so much we are already making plans for next year.

San Diego 2015-08 San Diego 2015-13 San Diego 2015-05 San Diego 2015-06 Mission Bay Sunset2 Christmas Pier 2015

Next stop – Borrego Springs for New Years!

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