San Diego Adventures – Seeking Beer With Friends

My oh, my we had fun. We stayed again at Mission Bay RV Park. While this is nothing to write home about – blacktop spaces with RV’s packed in. But the location is spectacular right on the bay with just a few steps out to the sand, water and original Rubio’s fish taco’s.  We also planned the visit to overlap with a bunch of friends.  Over the course of our visit we crossed paths with  Kurt, John and Becky, Paige and Erich, Nancy and Brian, Kate and Iain. It was almost a total park takeover – but Jen and Deas Nealy didn’t show up. But after we got over that diss we were able to meet a few new fun folks. Kevin and Laura, Maggie and Wylie and Sally and Chester. And of course, we had friends come and visit the park as well including Eric, Jen and David, Heather, Beth and Dan, Mark and Kim, Taylor and Beth.  So it was a busy busy couple of months!  

Bassett/Schultz Neighborhood

Maggie, Wylie, Kevin, Laura, Kurt, Dave, Shannon

San Diego is known for their HUGE number of microbreweries and we had a few brewery tasting’s around town. Including a record-setting packed jeep with 9 of us crammed in a 4 door jeep to travel 6 blocks between 2 breweries. We biked to beer, Uber’d to beer and walked to beer. We even watched baseball so we could drink good beer. We covered at least 5 different neighborhoods to conduct our beer research. Afternoons and evenings were sacrificed in search of the perfect beverage. It is a tough job, but I think we rose to the challenge with hardly a single complaint.

Padres Afternoon Game with Dave, Kurt, Joh, Beck, Laura, Kevin

‘The Piano’ from Top Gun – Brushing my buns with greatness

One of our favorite breweries – Thorn

And what you may ask did we decide – well we love Thorn (and don’t miss the amazing barbecue next door) and free video games at the bar/arcade once a month. The baseball game is a wonderful venue to enjoy a sunny afternoon with friends and you wouldn’t want to miss Mission Brewing almost in the parking lot of the stadium for a little pregame drink.  And then you are walking distance to the famous Top Gun Bar – which is a hoot, but the food is not so good. Modern Times is still a strong contender for best of as we enjoyed a plethora of new hazy IPA’s. With no clear winner, we might be forced to continue the research next year.   

One of our favorites with at least 3 visits (or was it 4)

We enjoyed so many great meals cooked by friends or out and about around town. It is hard to believe that we whiled away 2 months there. The weather is so perfect and almost every day while in San Diego Dave tells me how he could live there. The climate and the beer speak to him.  

Dinner on the Barbie – Kurt, Dave, Brian, Erich


Dabbing over the lobster tacos at happy hour prices (and of course beer) Becky, Kurt, Paige

Northpark brew tour – Becky, John, Dave, Erich, Kurt, Laura, Kurt, Patrick Mark, Kim, Paige, Me

Video Games – all free with beer on one Sunday each month!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our good friends Kate and Iain who left the USA officially with the sale of their Airstream. We were excited to get a chance to see them off as they start their exploration of European RV travel. Something we might be looking into in the future. We love to travel with them and always make it happen with or without the RV’s. So I have not doubt we will see them later this year or early next.

Kate and Iain Leaving The US

One highlight of the trip was sailing for the afternoon with Heather. Heather is actually my neighbor from Bend who travels almost as much as we do. If we aren’t meeting up with her in person, she is housing us in various places around the globe including Breckenridge, Palo Alto, and La Paz. She is now on her boat in San Diego and always up for a good day of sailing. We managed to meet up with a huge school of Dolphin and enjoy their company for a few minutes. It is a thrill to be surrounded by 30 or more dolphins who are busily fishing away. Just as we reached the end of the earth with the sun setting, we were notified that we needed to turn around and leave the area. Weapons testing on a new destroyer and we found ourselves within the 3-mile danger radius. A quick tack and back to shore with the beautiful views of the city.

Captain Heather and Captain Dave

Dolphins surrounded the boat as we sailed

I also had a great shooting trip to the zoo with Laura.  We joined a camera club who led us around and pointed out some great areas for shooting, helped with settings and entertained us with their adventures. Eventually, we parted from the camera geeks and set out on our own to find a few highlights, such as the Pandas. The Panda line was larger than a Trump rally and we both quickly nixed that idea. Our trip had a few extra twists and turns as we attempted to exit the park. Laura is the only other person on the planet that is as equally directional challenged as I am. That combined with the evil designers of the San Diego Zoo who take great pleasure from installing minimal signage made for an entertaining trip through the zoo.  Thankfully we ended up with a few great pictures.  You can read about Laura’s thoughts on our adventure here in the section on new friends.

The family

I Heart You

This guy – awwwww

Cooling off with a swim

Dave, Kurt and I headed up to Anaheim and paid a small ransom to play with Mickey overnight. In Disneyland and enjoyed an amazing whirlwind tour. Kurt is a real Disney addict and it was amazing to have him as a tour guide. We never looked at a map, worried about where to go or what to do. We enjoyed classic rides, new rides and even a few rides that scared me. I actually think we could make an adults trip to Disney an annual event. I am starting to understand the fascination as I search for secret Mickey’s everywhere. 

Disney on the big kids ride with Dave, Kurt, Shannon


Just as we couldn’t stuff another bite in our mouths or drink another beer it was time to shove off. But no worries, we will be back again. 

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2 thoughts on “San Diego Adventures – Seeking Beer With Friends

  1. Laura

    Man, San Diego seems like a lifetime ago, but we had so. much. fun. Probably has something to do with all. the. beer. Kevin hasn’t stopped talking about some day settling down there either… it really is just a fantastic city and you can’t beat the sunshine. We are headed back in a couple months. I think we should all meet up and try to cram 3 additional people in the Jeep. We can do it!!!

    1. wanderer Post author

      Laura, I think the ‘Jeep Challenge’ will be a new thing for us every time we get together! Looking forward to the next time we cross paths. S.

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