Prescott – Biking, Hiking, Paddling and Lots Of Friends

In our never ending pursuit of flip flop weather we eventually turned North to escape the heat of the Valley (this PNW girl has a narrow band of comfort between 68-74).  When the forecast says 100 degrees – we make tracks to cooler temps.

We stayed at Point Of Rocks for half of our stay and then moved over to Lynx Lake Campground for the second half.  Both are great places to stay.  You can see my reviews on Campendium.  The scenery at Point of Rocks and accessibility to trails and paddling is wonderful.  Lynx Lake has a great diner and wonderful mountain biking trails (always a draw for us).

Watson Lake Prescott-3

Watson Lake

Watson Lake Prescott-1

Granite Dells

Prescott has a large mountain biking community and there are trails all over town.  We spent time at Granite Mountain and got sufficiently lost.  We also hit some great trails around Lynx Lake and another set of trails that I can’t figure out the name of.  Which brings me to my humor section — what is up with the maps?  We had received a basic map that had the trail network at a high level.  No names, no overview by trail, no directions to trail heads. So after getting very lost on Granite Mountain we dropped by the bike shop to purchase (after all it is our fault for using a tourist map as a guide).  But at the bike shop we were shown the same map! Apparently all the names of trails, hazards and specific directions are just for locals.  The shop referred to everything by trail name (it’s a local thing) and made suggestions on trails, which ways to do the loops, where to park and hazards to be aware of.  When the local says be careful of the blind drop before a hazard called ‘the wall’ you pay attention.  Now if I just had a map that would tell me this…


Now where are we?


A few man made obstacles







We had so much fun in Prescott it was hard to leave.  We had several friends in town that we were able meet up with.  Aluminarium Brian and Leigh met with us for several dinners.  We had fun exploring a few new restaurants and breweries including Black Hole, which has a great vibe and music.  Iron Springs Cafe, delicious crab cakes and seafood.  Prescott Brewing, which is very touristy and great people watching. Papa’s Italian has a great menu with lots of leftovers kept us full for days.


Aluminarium – Leigh and Brian

The Haywoods

The Traveling Haywoods – Shawn and Chris

We also caught up with The Traveling Haywoods Chris and Shawn.  We have been hanging out with them for several weeks and missed camping with them after our long stay in Sedona.  We had dinner at Papa’s Italian and drinks at The Raven Cafe.  They also came down to our campsite at Lynx for a fun evening of BBQ and catching up.  I think they came for our Moscow Mules 🙂

John also caught up with us for our huge group dinner at Papa’s.  So much fun to catch up with ALL that he has done in the short time since we last saw him.  I swear he packs more in every 24 hours than anyone else I have ever met.

Our RV was actually purchased last year in Prescott from a local doctor we met at McDowell Park.  After I had my meltdown on the size and space in our old Sprinter Van, we went looking around for the ‘perfect’ vehicle.  We loved the Sprinter, but after a couple of weeks the space is just too small.  On a walk around McDowell Park we found Dennis and Judy pulling in with our perfect combination – a 30 foot Winnebago with a jeep in tow.  I was in love.  Three days later we had a new rv in storage in Prescott.  Our trip to pick it up a few months later was so quick we barely experienced the area.   This trip we made up for that!

We had several dinners and a barbecue with Dennis and Judy.  We love catching up with them and had already planned to meet up at the Grand Canyon.  They are now in a bigger fancier rig – Tiffany  Someday we might grow up enough to drive the bigger rig, but for now ‘Babe’ is just perfect.

Thanks to Instagram I was able to find out some of my family was in town.  So another hike and lunch with my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Lance was squeezed in.  It was great to catch up with them and get to know the Prescott locals they were visiting (Dave and Jan).  Dave is the father-in-law of my cousin.  So what does that ‘relative’ definition look like?  Cousin-father-in-law? We had planned a day of paddling, but Mother Nature had other ideas.  The wind was a little too much for a leisurely day of paddling.


Aunt Laurie and Uncle Lance and the Cousin-In-Laws

So while we are excited about our next stop Flagstaff, it was hard to leave all the fun we had in Prescott. But the journey continues…

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