Park City, Utah – Biking, Hiking and Catching Up

Hello, Park City!   We arrived to do 752 loads of laundry.  After a few weeks out in the wilds, we are desperate to get a little infrastructure done such as groceries, laundry and defrosting the freezer. IMG_3784

Summer here is beautiful and we are enjoying a little spot on the creek at Park City RV Resort.  The low rent area of the park – just electric and water are much nicer, off the freeway and we have a lovely view of the hills and creek.


Not a bad place to get caught up on the ‘chores’.   Laundry is done a little grocery shopping, bread baked and time to hit a few trails on the bikes.

We got to catch up with our good friends in Thailand and Bend — Siri was giving me a hard time as I jumped around waiting for the time of our calls. She can be such a pain…


Made it to Silly Sunday in Park City (a summer festival) for some local food and entertainment.  We made it up to Guardsman Pass and enjoyed the views and the amazing trail system here.  Sadly many of the hiking trails are still under snow (current story of our travels).  IMG_3781

While at a local brewery (Park City) we met yet another guy moving to Bend and working for one of our favorite companies, Hydroflask.  Small world!  I did mention that we have a rental coming available in Bend….gotta market when you can!

The talk of Bend beer scene while trying to wash down 3.2 beer made us want for Bend.  A quick jaunt to the liquor store and a look at the prices — WOW!  We would go broke if we lived here.  We just might be moving up our drive back to the land of Beer…

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