Our Top 10 RV Visits In Arizona

After spending the last four winters exploring Arizona we have seen a bit of the state. In no particular order we present some not to missed hot spots of Arizona.

  1. Organ Pipe National Monument – Great ranger programs and hikes day and night.  Over 3 days we were kept busy with tons to see and do.  http://www.nps.gov/orpi/index.htmOrgan Pipe Top 10
  2. Las Cienagas National Conservation Area – wide open spaces where many a western movie has been filmed.  We loved the scenery and had fun watching Red River with John Wayne while there.  It was filmed at the ranch and and around the area we boondocked in.  It was a kick to look out the window and see the same scenery as in the movie.  http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/prog/blm_special_areas/ncarea/lascienegas.html   LasCienTop10
  3. Kartchner Cavern State Park – A great tour for young and old of a living cavern.  Discovered in 1974, the location was kept secret until just prior to opening in 1999.  Well worth the detour. http://azstateparks.com/Parks/KACA/Karchner-Caverns1-480x360
  4. Butterfield RV Park with Telescope in Benson  – This little find was an unexpected surprise.  We were looking for something close to the caverns.  A small park with a small observatory on the grounds as well as an amateur radio shack.  They gave nightly talks at the observatory with a chance to look through the amazing telescope.  http://www.rv-resort.com\
  5. Chiricahua National Monument – Another amazing scenery location.  I am constantly amazed at how much the scenery changes across just a single state. A former hiding location for Geronimo you can just imagine the Indians using the hoodoos for cover. http://www.nps.gov/chir/index.htm  Chiricahua Top 10
  6. Sedona Arizona Boondocking – We loved the beautiful scenery, hiking and biking was plentiful.  Waking up to hot air balloons flying overhead is something we will never forget.  We spent 3 weeks there and still feel like we missed a great deal.SedonaTop10
  7. West Fork Oak Tree Trail Sedona – We loved this hike that crosses the river multiple times, beautiful scenery over this 14 mile hike.  It is an out and back, so you can go as far as you like.  But do hang in there to see the grotto area (no swimming required up to this point).   http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/coconino/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=55432&actid=50OakCreekCanyonTop10
  8. Granite Dells in Prescott Arizona – Very cool scenery with walks, biking and paddling.  It was very different scenery to enjoy and a fun town as well.  http://www.visitarizona.com/places-to-visit/north-central-arizona/granite-dellsGlass & Granite-L
  9. Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum – It is amazing to get educated about how alive the desert is and this museum does an amazing job.  Don’t miss the raptor show! We highly recommend staying at the nearby Gilbert Ray Campground with easy access to the museum, hiking and great scenery. https://www.desertmuseum.org
  10. Grand Canyon  – Off season was amazing and more than pictures can tell.  Still crowded, but nothing like a summer day.  Stay for as long as you can so the weather doesn’t shut you out.  We had a day of snow, a day of clouds with no visibility and a few days of amazing sunshine.  http://www.nps.gov/grca/grandcantop10

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