Our Favorite RV ‘Must Have’ Gadgets

Over the years we have come across a few items that we love to have and will make space for.  If we are willing to make space, then you know it is something good.  Because space for us is a premium commodity.  These are items that make life easier, more comfortable and keep this a happy home!  Check our our top 10 items (links in each heading);

  1. Water Logic Water Purifier –  I love this gadget.  We have moved away from buying bottled water and no matter where we are, the water tastes great.  We make a couple of gallons of water at a time – fill all the water bottles, make ice and we are good for a day or two. The hubby swears his coffee tastes better with this water.  It actually works on our tiny 300 watt inverter – so no plug-in or generator necessary! Definitely the most used gadget in our arsenal.  We even had our friend Maureen stitch a carrying case for us to make it easier to safely stow.
  2. Krups Electric Kettle – Coffee is a must on this rig and this pot comes through with heating water in about 4 minutes.  The auto shut-off feature is great  – just in case we forget about it when making that second or third cup in the morning.
  3. Carefree EZ Zip Blocker Sun Shade – Keeping our ‘patio’ shaded is a must for this fair Norwegian and the sun shade does just that.  Ordering is based on length and height of your awning.  The shade arrives in 2 pieces.  One piece goes into the awning and stays there – it just rolls up with the awning.  The bottom piece is zipped on and off when you need it.  Measurements are necessary to get the top piece long enough to reach the zipper without a ladder.  The second piece should touch the ground and cover the length of the awning.  We get a nice shaded patio and our fridge gets shaded as well. 
  4. Padded chairs and Footstools – We love these comfy chairs from Camping World.  And while they are a pain to stow (they are pretty fluffy and big) we still think they are worthwhile.  The color is fading as we go into year 2 – but still working great. We supplement with a couple of ‘guest chairs’ that are easy to pack off to concerts or someone else’s house.
  5. Alps Camp side tables – small, lightweight and portable.  They are everything we could hope for and even double as stools when necessary.
  6. Tivo Roameo(over-the-air 12 volt)— We do watch tv and this is a great help.  When we are near good tv signal, we load up the hard drive with shows.  With a little direction the local tv guide is also available, making programming easy.  So tv at our fingertips when we wish.  We also can easily watch Netflix and Amazon content through the TV and pipe it to any television on board.  The Roameo is an older version of the Tivo and we are not sure how the new Bolt version would work in the RV.
  7. Packing Cubes – Our drawer space is very limited and by using these packing cubes we are able to bring all sorts of items.  We label the cubes (pants, sweaters, biking)  for easy identification. Then we stack them in the cupboards.  We have his and her colors as well.
  8. Life Factory Covered Wine Glasses – We prefer to drink out of real glasses and these have replaced all our plastic and regular wine glasses and cocktail glasses.  While a little spendy, we think it is worth it.  They don’t need any special packing when traveling and the fun colors are great.
  9. Hydroflask Pint GlassesOur number one favorite item!  These ‘mugs’ keep the liquid cold or hot.  Ice doesn’t melt, beer doesn’t get warm.  They are a must have for every camper!
  10. Mac Book Charging 12 Volt – We like to spend the majority of our time unplugged and relying on the sun and our batteries.  To keep our Apple computer batteries charged and healthy we like these chargers.


What are your top must have products?  Please do share.  We love learning what is out there that might make our lives better.

Note:  While we are not compensated for our opinions, we did include a link to our Amazon affiliate site and we will make a few cents if you order through the link.  Thanks for checking it out!


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