Oktoberfest – Mt. Angel

September is always Oktoberfest at Mt. Angel and for the third year in a row we attended.  We took the RV over, met up with friends and had 3 nights of fun.

Oktoberfest was originally a festival to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig to Princess Therese that went on for 16 days ending the first Sunday in October.  Horse racing, parades and drinking were the focus of the festival and over the years the horse racing stopped (1960) but the parades and beer drinking continued.  Most of the US Oktoberfest celebrations are a weekend long – with just a few lasting more than a week.  Only beer conforming to the Reinheitsgrebot and brewed in the city limits of Munich can be served at Munich Oktoberfest.  In the US many of the breweries introduce a special Oktoberfest beer to be enjoyed.

Mt. Angel is a great town and they have a wonderful 4 day event with great music, dancing, food and of course beer. Dave swears it is the most authentic Oktoberfest he has attended outside of Munich (and he has been there at least 4 times (we tried to count but there are a few fuzzy years in there).  Brian, Nancy, Todd, Grace, Kim, Sam and Erin all met us over at Mt. Angel for the celebration.

We stay in a field that is mowed down just a few blocks from the event.  A great deal at just $20 for the weekend.  Dry camping and relatively few rules.  Lots of generator noise, but also lots of space.  We were able to take our 4 spaces and set the RV’s up in a square.  We like this spot and have always stayed there.  The other camping area is next to the main tent and much noisier.


Soaking up the sun in our campsite while dog sitting Sophie


Watching the Oregon Ducks Game


The Shot-Ski Boys


In the Festhall

Brian made a ‘shotski’ for us – we had a great time using that.  Nancy and I purchased Dirdnls and danced the nights away in the tents.  We all had so much fun singing about cowboys and indians, airplanes and tall giraffes.  We actually have ‘practice sessions’ for learning all the new music.   5EE9ABDF-5FFB-4332-ACCC-A62594F69FDAI know if doesn’t make sense unless you have been to Oktoberfest or regularly listen to German Schlager music.  Just trust me – TONS of fun and please do join us if you are in the area next year.  I think we might even get the guys in lederhosen next year!

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