Pai, Thailand – Not My Slice of Pai

Pai, Thailand – The road to Pai is legendary for the curves, 762 to be exact over. It is a 3 hour drive by mini-bus in a slalom like race up and down a windy narrow road through forest and farm land. The curves are in the last 90km of the ride and getting car-sick is not unheard of.

Our minibus driver is clearly training for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and used our trip as a training run. I was lucky to be seated behind him and my view of oncoming traffic blocked. Sadly, Dave was seated in the center of the first row with a clear view of all the questionable driving decisions that were made on the trip up. It was a white knuckle drive the entire time.

Thankfully we both survived and no-one was sick. I felt that we had some good Karma on our side with a minibus full of monks.

On our way up we passed Mark and Kim who made the crazy decision to ride their bikes up to Pai. They claim it was a great ride and no big deal. We are super impressed with their journey. There are a few turns the minibus barely made it up in first gear. Of course they did a little harder to earn their beers and were probably safer on their bikes!

Deschutes and some yummy Australian Beer Happy News

Pai is known as a backpackers mecca and now I know exactly what that means. A small town completely overrun with young backpackers, hippies and rastafarians. We were definitely a bit too old for this party town and lacking the requisite dreadlocks and stinky armpits.

A few of the locals

We stayed at a small ‘resort’ close to the river and next to a late night jazz bar right in town. A pool, koi pond and free breakfast were not enough to make up for a crappy bed, luke warm shower and obnoxious smoking neighbor.

Pai is lacking is the Thai feel and hospitality. The entire area is awash with tourists and not a native Thai to be seen anywhere. The street food is made up of pizza, burritos and lasagna. Missing is the amazing Thai food.

VW Vans Found Far and Wide

Just in case you need some assistance – creating and fixing

Requisite Temples

Salween River

I guess you could say, it’s not my slice of Pai.

Lots of Activity On The River

Happiness Is a Disease Spread It Quickly

Be Sure To Get A Light and Plug With That Room

Not Unusual To See The Stinky Durian Fruit Banned

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