Nirvana – A Place of Perfect Peace and Happiness

Sometimes you find a spot that is so perfect – you don’t want to do anything else but sit and enjoy it.  That is how I feel about our little piece of nirvana outside of Sedona.  We must be feeling the power of the vortex as we continue sit here so content. We are wild camping in a beautiful spot that has us facing towards the red rocks.  The views are stunning – enjoying beautiful sunrises complete with hot air balloons filling the sky.  The full moon rise has been equally stunning with some wonderful evening colors.  While I am not ready to get my auras  photographed or hang crystals in the RV, we are sure loving this current pace and weather.  It scores a 9 on the flip flop comfort barometer.

Days here have been filled with hikes and mountain biking.  The biggest issue is which hike to do!   We are laying low on the weekends when the mass tourists are out — and we can’t get to the trail heads.   Weekday hikes and rides are the way to go.  We are surrounded by friends old and new that have enjoyed many a camp fire and meal with Kate and Iain, Jess and Sam, Sean and Chris and a few others who have dropped by.  Our spot, while primitive has a few ‘spaces’ around it for company.  We have enjoyed sharing the views.  The social scene on the road is pretty fun!

Another bonus of our little slice of heaven is the proximity to shopping and supplies.  We are just a few miles from Sedona and Cottonwood.  We have been able to get our mail, groceries and of course a few beer tasting locations all without having to go too far.  We have put less miles on our jeep in the few weeks here than just a single day driving around Phoenix.

We are very close to the ruins of Palatki and Honanki ruins. The Palatki site has a set of ancient cliff dwellings in the red sandstone cliffs, built from 1100 to 1400 CE by the Sinagua people of the Ancient Pueblo Peoples. The cliff dwellings were built under south-facing overhangs for shelter and winter sun. The Sinagua people planted crops and made pottery in the area.[2] Palatki and Honanki, another nearby archaeological site, had the largest cliff dwellings in the Red Rock formation area from 1150 CE to 1300 CE.  There are pictographs and petroglyphs at the Palatki site, including some that predate the cliff dwellings. Many of the pictographs on the rock walls are from the Sinagua. However, those created by peoples of the Archaic period in North America include some of the more abstract pictograph symbols and drawings that are 3,000 to 6,000 years old, and some of the petroglyphs, estimated to be 5,000 to 6,000 years old.

Palatki Ruins

Hiking and mountain biking here are epic – that is the only explanation.  While you can pull up to the parking lot, jump out and take a quick picture – as many tourists do.  As travelers, we enjoy a more in depth look at the area including hiking and biking as much as possible.  We have biked the Cathedral, Boynton Canyon, Aerie Trail just to name a few.  I have a long list that is still to be tackled including hiking Devils Bridge, Sugarloaf, Seven Pools and every day another one gets added.  I am not sure when we will ‘finish’ with this area as there is always something new to explore.

Where to next —- that is the a great question…

Sedona morning views

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