Mushroom Valley – Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Once called Mushroom Valley, this area 190 miles southwest of Bryce Canyon was discovered in the 1920’s by a couple of cowboys searching for cattle. The weathered entrada sandstone from the Jurassic era creates some crazy short hoodoo’s referred to as mushrooms.

We headed over to Goblin Valley State Park to have a chance to see the shooting locations of a favorite movie ‘Galaxy Quest.’ A hilarious spoof on Star Trek that is full of funny one-liners.

We talked Jase and Lauri of Wanderwasi to accompany us on our little folly. We had used Campendium and also stopped at the BLM office on the way over to identify legal camping areas. When we arrived Dave and Lauri went in search of a good boon docking spot. One of the highlights of a tow vehicle! They found a great area just next to an interesting rock canyon and we all moved on over. 

The heat was intolerable and we immediately knew our stay would be brief. We had an afternoon of enjoying the generator and air conditioning. The longest we have ever run the A/C. As it cooled off in the evening we had dinner and enjoyed the night sky.

Morning we piled in and drove over to park for an early visit before the heat set in. While the flyers didn’t do it must justice – looked like just a couple of viewing platforms to look down on the park and no trails identified. We found out upon arrival, you can wander all around the ‘mushrooms’ and make your own trail!  

Another highlight we missed was laser tag in the park on full moons. We would have LOVED to participate in that or even to watch it. The viewing platforms are up above the ‘alien landscape’ and it is probably an amazing light show.

We found the park pretty expensive and not well maintained in the improved areas (bathrooms). A little disappointing based on the entry fees we paid. However, we are glad we went and would love to come back when it is cooler and have more time to explore the surrounding hiking and mountain biking trails.

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