Montana – Catching Up In Kalispell

One downside of living on the road is trying to keep caught up on the retail and errands.When entering a bigger town we stock up. With tax free purchases in Montana it was a perfect place to get some new shoes for the Jeep. 

New shoes for the Jeep!

We found the Flathead County Fairgrounds as a perfect place to do a quick retail stopover. With 30 amp power, brand new bathrooms and only a few neighbors we settled in for a few days. New tires, groceries, farmers markets and REI took some of our funds.

Relaxing at the empty fairgrounds

We tried a few restaurants and honestly can not recommend a single one. I think Dairy Queen was the only good food I had (if you count a hot fudge sundae). So far we have had amazing food in Montana, but all home cooked on the Iverson Ranch. I think we may haven gotten spoiled.

Load after load…

The fairgrounds have no reservations, so just pull in and setup if spaces is available. We called ahead to make sure no events were going on. You will see dry camping spots in the grass, 15 amp and a few 30 amp on the light poles. We ended up at a light pole and enjoyed a few days of air conditioning. The registration office is under the grandstands at the far end of the fairgrounds. Fees are $20 a night. We drove around a bit to find a working faucet to fill our water tank. There is no sani-dump on the fairgrounds property. They will direct you to a gas station across the street where it is free if you fill up or $4 if just dumping. 

Found out first can of Humm Kombucha

Stocked up on food and bear spray, we made our exit to our next destination, Flathead Lake.

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