Mission Bay Gamer

A fresh spring drink to get your gaming juices flowing.

We have been ‘getting our game on’ with friends Mike and Kathie in Mission Bay this week. Of course I needed to create a drink to make the losses a little less painful. 

I came up with a mix between a classic Greyhound and a Moscow Mule. The combination is addicting (even for those who claim they don’t like grapefruits). 

The hardest part of the drink was coming up with a name. Options included ‘Stay Drunk’ after this cute gaming character (Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters) that Mike made for our King of Tokyo game. ‘Opie’ for our game mascot. The winner is Mission Bay Gamer for the location of creation. 

The type of Ginger Beer matters – some are really strong and others bitter. We like Saranac from Trader Joes. Be sure to find a brand you like.


  • Vodka
  • Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
  • Ginger Beer 

The key to success in this drink is the cold and frothy blend of grapefruit juice and vodka.  Mix up 1 part vodka, 2 parts grapefruit juice, as much ice as you can fit. Shake away in your cocktail shaker until ice cold, blended and frothy. The more froth the better.

Serve over ice and top the glass with ginger beer (2 parts or more depending on your love of ginger beer). 

A twist of lime or grapefruit peel is a perfect addition to the glass. 

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