Lake Havasu City, Arizona – Hot Air Balloons

There are few things that are as beautiful as colorful hot air balloons floating effortlessly through the sunrise. We had the good fortune to time our arrival in Lake Havasu City with a hot air balloon festival. We enjoyed front row seats to a couple of balloons inflating on a cloudy morning.

We stayed at Campbell Cove RV Resort for just one night and had the pleasure of these early morning views. Had we not been so busy preparing for our upcoming week and taking care of everything from laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning, we would have made more time to hang out and enjoy the festival. We will put this on our schedule for next year!

Inflation right in front of the RV as the sun is rising.
The sound of the burner filling the envelope is such a distinct noise. It gets me running outside to see what is floating by.
Away they go…

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