Hurry Up And Relax!

It has been a whirlwind getting to this point where we are supposed to be relaxing. All the priorities and hustle to make time so we can slow down. Whew – it is another job in itself!

Dave left his job and less than 72 hours ago and we have traveled to another state and started our latest adventure. We hesitate to say retired – makes us sound old. We could say Practice Retirement – this would be his third time at practicing and we might get it right this time! Maybe we will just go with “sabbatical”. The first time was in 1999 – a year off to bounce around the world, use up frequent flyer miles and enjoy international life. We loved it but alas resources were not endless and we found ourselves back working for ‘the man.’

Fast forward to 2004 and marriage, new homes and new adventures began. A vacation home in Bend, Oregon was soon to become our primary residence. Once again took the plunge leaving our jobs and setting out for new adventures. This time we stuck a little closer to home and enjoyed all the fabulous activites; snowboarding, mountain biking, cross country and skate skiing, hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, snow shoeing and of course LOTS of beer tasting. We loved it but after 10 years the ‘itch’ set in again for new adventures.

At this point we have traveled to 35 countries, most of them together. Our travels within the US had been limited. The cold winters were getting to Dave and seeking out shorts and flip flop weather within the US was looking like our next destination. A few trips and extended vacation in the desert and we were hooked.

Bend, Oregon is still home but we are currently traveling in a 30 foot Winnebago Aspect. In years past this city girl has been introduced to backpacking, car camping, a lovely Volkswagen Eurovan and a fun Sprinter Pleasure Way. But the need for a little more elbow room (a real shower and full time bed) pushed us a little bigger to the Winnebago. So far it is love!

And so the adventure begins…

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