Heading Towards Home To Change Up The Adventure

We have been subjecting ourselves to some terrible weather the past few days as we make our way towards Bend via Sun Valley.  After so many days on the road where we just followed the good weather, it is hard to be restricted by reservations and deadlines!   Not to mention many of our friends are hanging out in better weather…

It is a weird state that we are in with thoughts of being ‘home.’  I mean what does that mean?  A washing machine and dryer to ourselves.  A bigger more comfortable bed.  A huge refrigerator and a garage full of stuff.  It really just adds up to a bunch of stuff and space that we have proven we don’t need.

I am excited to change over my wardrobe as I am really tired of the choices I made to bring on this trip.  Commercial laundromats also do a number on your clothes.   I do think I am wearing my clothes out faster.  Hanging dry isn’t much of an option in 200 square feet of space.  Delicate cycles aren’t really that delicate and dryers are often super hot.

I can’t wait to use some of my kitchen gadgets that I have been without — like that strange thing called a dishwasher!  Endless Vitamix smoothies are in my near future.  I will be evaluating just exactly what I missed the most and might need to move over into the RV.  How much would our neighbors hate me if I had the generator on every day for a smoothie;-)

Every day that we have been out on the road, it has been easier than the last.  We have fallen into routines.  We know how to use the space and where to put everything.  We have formed some great friendships and had fun catching up with friends in far flung places.  Our bucket list has grown exponentially with all the new places we want to visit.  The undiscovered parks, the hikes, the lakes, the views, the beer, the food….

So the conflict continues, why go home?  Aren’t we already there.  Dave has always talked about home as the place to get all his projects done.  All his tools are there and a good place to tap into our local experts for help.  Our solar upgrade project will happen.   We are also going to overhaul the cabinets and buildout some areas to better fit our electronics, computers and glasses.

One thing I really miss is our friends in Bend.  I can’t wait to catch up with many of them.  Instagram and Facebook often show pictures of all the fun times we are missing – concerts, dinner parties and hanging out on the mountain, the breweries and on the river.  I have a feeling we will be going out ALOT to make up for the time we have been gone.

As we cover the miles towards home we are planning a short stay in Sun Valley.  We have never been to Sun Valley and my cousins have a place there.  We also have tickets to an English Beat concert (which we missed when they were in Bend last week).  We have heard great things about Sun Valley – but with no snow and bad weather I am not sure how we will entertain ourselves.

We are not going to be in the RV for the week.  Separation anxiety is setting in.  If you told me 3 years ago that I would get nervous about leaving my RV for 6 nights, I would have laughed in your face.  But it is happening!  I feel ok about being in Bend, as the RV will be in the driveway.  But leaving her in the airport parking lot all alone, so sad!  But like a college teen returning home, we will arrive with bags of laundry and will enjoy the dishwasher and giant kitchen.

Dave just informed me “we aren’t going home, we are changing adventures”.   I love that!  So here is to changing adventures….and my we have a bunch planned for this summer.  What are your summer adventures?  Anyone in Bend or Roche Harbor or Alaska?  Give us a shout and come say hello!

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