Good Bye Arizona – Hello Zion!

We spent 82 days in Arizona this winter and had a blast.  But now comes the time to pick up the pace and head back to the Northwest.  The beauty of the Grand Canyon was a great way to exit the state.

We left the chill of the Grand Canyon in shorts as we anticipated some beautiful Utah weather on our short visit to Zion.  Zion is one of my favorite national parks and this wasn’t our first visit.  It was great — until it wasn’t anymore.   We did some day hiking in Zion on our fist day and got all setup for a Narrows hike on our second day.   The scenery is amazing in Zion and you can’t take a bad picture.

Up Up and Away




Great Views

Our Narrows trip was super fun and beautiful and as we almost reached the junction (about 4 miles up) when the lightening and thunder started.  You will have to imagine the last half of that trip as we high tailed it out of there at least twice if not four times as fast as we entered.  There isn’t a single picture from the return.  At one point the rain was coming down so hard that we had to pull on rain gear.  I had visions of a flash flood going through my mind.  By the time we reached the bus the sky was clear but it quickly opened up again.  The rain continued on/off for the rest of the night.


Zion Narrows


Zion Narrows


Zion Narrows Almost ThereWhile sitting inside during the rain we decided to watch some YouTube videos of flash floods in the Narrows.  DO NOT DO THAT – or you will never go up there.  The videos were terrifying and I would never have gone up there.  I can’t believe I wanted to do Subway and all these other great repelling canyons.  I am sure our next visit will be during sunny weather so we can enjoy the sites without any concerns.

We stayed at Zion River Resort where we had planned to meet up with some friends in a big rig coming down from Bend.  They didn’t make it and we were stuck with the reservations.  It is a fancy park but a good ways away from the entrance to Zion.  Kind of a drag when you want to go out for food or an early start on the trails.  You can see my review on Campendium of the park. If you are a planner, the campground in the park would be great.

After heavy rain all afternoon and all night we are busy pulling in all the wet patio furniture as we hit the road in the rain. Our new mantra  – so glad we aren’t tent camping!  Next stop Sun Valley.

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