Fort Collins – Horsetooth Reservoir

We are currently enjoying a little time at Horsetooth Reservoir just outside of Fort Collins.  After 3 weeks in Denver we needed a little down time on our way back to the Pacific Northwest.

Finding places that are warm, open and available has been a challenge.  With the high snowpack this year (and the recent storm we had while in Denver) many camps are under snow.  Also, some of the kids are out of school and we are competing for camp spots.  We are constantly amazed at how many locals we are camping near.  Rarely do we see out of state license plates.  And of course we had no appreciation for camping with all the seniors in the Southwest – who rarely go running around screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs for hours on end.

Our first site (S44) was on the water, but really really close to the road.  The weekend road noise was crazy.  The reservoir is very busy with speed boats, kayaks, SUP and jet skis.  The Southbay is a non-wake zone and much quieter from boat traffic.  Thankfully the weekend starts late Friday and is over by Sunday morning as the throngs pack up and exit by 11am.

We moved over to S20 on the other side of the bay.  We are enjoying this spot as the road noise is much lower.  With the high levels of the lake all the trees in front of our site are actually in the water.  It makes for beautiful scenery.  Young duck families are our favorite neighbors.

For all our complaining, you can see the setting is wonderful and midweek is great!   We had a campfire last night complete with s’mores.  Our friend Jessie is staying in the area and joined us.  We are still in shorts and flip-flops, goal achieved!  The kayak will go in the water shortly…IMG_3685

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    1. wanderer Post author

      Hi Toni – Well it certainly would be even more fun if you two were here to join us! Looks like you are having great adventures as well. Can’t wait to hear about the summer. I hope you are able to route through Bend when you wrap up. It look like we will be there through the end of the year.

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