Flagstaff – Brrrrr

As we make our way towards Grand Canyon (a bucket list item for Dave) we made a stopover in Flagstaff.  We had such a great visit to Lumberyard Brewing and Mother Road last time we were looking forward to more great beer.  Mother Nature has turned down the temps and my flip flops have been put away.

One of the trials of working from the road and traveling full time is internet connections and bandwidth.  We have a limited amount of bandwidth and sometimes we run up against it.  In order to stay within our allotment we don’t do any streaming, no videos and carefully monitor how much we have used.  When we are getting close and Shannon has lots of work to do, we look for RV Parks that have free wi-fi or find coffee shops.  We prefer an RV park with wi-fi as it is more flexible and usually a bit more secure.

We stayed at a couple of different places while in town.  For a few days we caught up on our internet with free wi-fi, did laundry and got some work done while staying at J&H Campground.  From there we moved up to a boon docking site on Schultz Pass Road.  You can see both of our reviews on Campendium.   We loved our dispersed camping site off Schultz Pass which had great mountain biking right out the back of our campsite.  Are you seeing the theme of our travel?

Schultz Pass Road Dispersed Camping

Schultz Pass Road Dispersed Camping

Bike Trail Access

Trail Access Right Behind Our Campsite









We had a great night out at Lumberyard Brewing for dinner with Aluminarium Brian and Leigh  (yes we are stalking them) and Wandering With Purpose Dave and Kelly.  So much fun to meet up for dinners and shooting the breeze  – where have you been, where are you going, whats next?  Dave and Kelly are full timers that started just about the same time as we did.  They also used to live in the Seattle area – on Bainbridge Island no less.  Right by my old elementary school.  The more we travel, the smaller the world gets! We look forward to meeting up with them in the future.

A favorite brewery in Flagstaff

A favorite brewery in Flagstaff

We also met up with some friends of my Mom’s at Mother Road Brewing.  It is always so hard to get us to a brewery:-)  We had fun with Inga and Tim who are traveling around in their trailer from Anacortes Washington and heading back up through Bend in a few months.  We shared some great stories, travel tips and good beer.

We had some cold and rainy weather in Flagstaff.  So happy that we are not tent camping.  I admire all those backpacker cyclists – but boy do I enjoy glamping!  And off to the Grand Canyon we go.


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