Do You Ever Really Go Home?

BEND, OR – Travel changes you, especially prolonged travel.  You look at the world a little differently.  Your priorities are changed.  Life is back to some really basic questions – where are you going, what are you eating, what is the weather, and where will you sleep?  How are you going to prioritize your time in town.  What sites must you see and what is not worth your precious time.  Will you like where you are staying?  If not, do you have any other options available.  How is the internet? What about the grocery store?  All of these are pretty basic issues and don’t take tons of brain processing power but will keep you busy.

When traveling the way we do, there is lots of down time to absorb your surroundings.  Enjoy the area and the sites.  Connect with friends and family and of course imbibe the local beer.  And around every corner is a new adventure.  I love it!

We recently returned to our sticks and bricks town after 215 days on the road.  We missed our friends but didn’t really look forward to much more than that.  We have lots of big house jobs to take care of; cleaning out all the junk and getting the house re-rented.

As we pulled into town I realized that I didn’t need to think about many of those basic things that have kept me occupied for the last 7 months.  I didn’t need Siri to tell me where to turn – I actually know the way!  I know where the grocery store is and even where everything is located inside the grocery store.

As we drove into town I realized how relaxed I felt as we knew exactly how to get to our destination.  Navigation is one of the ‘hot buttons’ when traveling, so that was a big relief.  Over the few days, I rode my bike around to appointments, chatted with the mailman and ran into people that I know at the grocery store.  It was a reminder of what I love about living here.

But will we fall back into the routine?  Or will it just be another stop in our travels.  I am enjoying the washing machine that doesn’t require quarters and the dishwasher.  Oh how I love having a dishwasher again!  But along with that comes the yard work, house work and nearly endless amount of errands to fix this, pick up that and drop something else off.  Entire days can be spent just taking care of all these possessions.

We have many camping plans, family plans and traveling plans already sketched out for the next 3 months and then we are off to Thailand.  We are hardly sitting still with all the visitors and travel.  It may or may not be in the RV, but it is definitely travel.

So are we home, or is it just another stopover that is longer than our usual stops?  Only time will tell.

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