Dental Emergency In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

One of the hazards of traveling full time is finding medical care for both regular checkups and emergencies. We have found the dental services in Mexico to be excellent and affordable. Not long after returning to the US I had a dental cleaning and had the root canal checked over. Absolutely no concerns with the work done. I would not hesitate to have my regular checkups as well as extended dental care done in Mexico.

While we were on extended travel in San Miguel de Allende I had a toothache that just wasn’t going away. We inquired with a local for a dentist recommendation and trotted off to have it checked out. 

The dentist, Beatriz Lara Aguilar (San Francisco 46, Centro) was located close to our accommodations in a small office just the dentist and an assistant. I was able to secure an appointment within a few days. The office was small and clean and she spoke a little bit of English. After looking me over, she took an x-ray and declared that I would need to see a specialist for a root canal. An appointment was made to come in the next week to the same office.  The specialist travels, so treatment would be at the same location.

Over the weekend my tooth got worse and I was looking forward to the appointment. But when the time came, fear set in. 

As I sat in the waiting room waiting, a young kid of about 20 walked in with a couple of toolboxes on wheels. I flipped out with fear about having this ‘baby’ working on me. I texted Dave and he told me to come on home. But thankfully a few minutes later, the actual doctor (Oscar Gonzalez) walked in the door. The young kid was just an assistant.

My root canal was in a capped tooth – so nothing easy to get to and repair. 

After 90 minutes my root canal was complete. The dentist was gentle and very thorough. I had at least 5 X-rays as he checked to ensure that everything was properly completed and filled. He used a combination of manual files and drills and was able to take care of everything through a tiny hole he drilled in my existing cap. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. 

The dentist gave me his cell phone number to call if I had any problems and a prescription for painkillers to get through the next few days. Neither was necessary as I was feeling great.

I am sure if I had been in the U.S. my cap would have been removed, the root canal completed in a quick 30 minutes or less and then a series of additional appointments to put on a brand new cap. Instead, I had one follow up appointment to repair the hole in my cap. The cap did not crack and the repair was a quick painless job.

My root canal cost $233 (root canal and followup cap repair) and the painkillers set me back $3. Not bad for something that would have run at least $1,500 in the US with no dental insurance. 

Overall it was a great experience. While much longer than the last root canal I had in the US. I felt like it was a better, more detailed and careful job. Next time I won’t hesitate to get my dental done in Mexico.

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