Catching Up With Friends – Borrego Springs, Calfornia

At last, we exited Mexico and caught up with our RV in Phoenix.  After a miserable week recovering from the flu, we took off to meet up with friends in California. We were full of water, food and ready for some fun! 

Borrego Springs is in San Diego County and the first ‘dark sky’ community in California. With tons of BLM land, it is a popular place to boondock and meet up with friends. We stayed off Rock House Road (about 6 miles outside of town) with access to jeep trails, hiking trails, and beautiful mountain vistas.   

We met up with friends John, Becky (Adventure Next) and Kurt (Kuhl Odyssey) along with about 20 other new and old friends. The Xscaper group had met up in Quartzite, continued on at American Girl Mine and a few (16) rigs moved over here to continue to hang out.

We were last here to celebrate New Years in 2015. Some of those same friends are here for this meet up; Brandon and Kerensa (DriveDiveDevour), Marshall (Finding Marshall), Kurt and Brian. It was a fun and unexpected surprise to see traveling friends that we hadn’t seen in a while! And of course, see others we have met through our travels in the past few years. We also had a great time meeting some new nomads.

Borrego Springs is a small town with a few restaurants, a very small grocery store and a couple of gas stations. Weekends find the town hopping with all the tourists driving through to see the metal sculptures, go jeeping and enjoying the great weather. Staying there for more than a week allowed us to enjoy everything. A trip to Christmas Circle in town for the farmers market filled the fridge with fresh strawberries!

Yummy strawberries from the farmers market are a nice find in the desert!


We spent at least one evening watching the sunset off of Fonts Point with the wind whipping through and sandblasting our faces and legs. The view was beautiful and made up for the hazards of the sand – but a shower was in the cards to get the sand embedded in my hair and ears out! 

Font’s Point Sunset

Group activities are the norm – everything from hiking, movie watching, potlucks and games. We had a pretty epic viewing of Olympic Curling in Kurt’s RV as Kurt convinced us all to become fans of curling. Now to figure out where we can all camp and practice curling…

Olympic Curling – who knew that could be fun!











One trip to Julian was great fun – pie, beer and patio games. There is something about that pie in Julian – delicious! We purchased full pies to take home and then ended up sitting down and eating the entire thing with friends. It was so good I am drooling just thinking about it now.  

Severe wind is pretty common in the desert and chased everyone inside – so no late night fires.  We were able to do a little bit of 4 wheeling down to some great trails and hiking in slot canyons. 

Slot canyons never get old…even when you walk the wrong direction for many miles in search of the car.

Jackbox games have come out a few times and we have had a blast hosting happy hours and a laughing at our crazy answers. Basically, anything with ‘Dave’ as an answer automatically wins. We had a HUGE group playing on the outdoor tv and also packed the inside of the RV a few times for games.  





After a few weeks, the crowds dwindled and we got the itch to move on (and the refrigerator was very empty). So we pulled up stakes and headed off to our next stop of Temecula.

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