Business Changes – Life Changes

While the downsizing of the house was taking place we also made the monumental decision to sell our business and truly downsize the remaining responsibilities.  The conflicting emotions about selling a company we started made the entire process difficult.  Thankfully I have some great advisors who helped me through the decision and the process.  Each day was filled with a variety of emotions.  The idea of not answering the phone 24/7 for the first time in over 10 years was the driving factor in selling the business.  The promise of a full nights sleep and the ability to go truly off-grid kept me going.

For me selling the business was pretty simple.  I hired a business broker.  Filled out a million forms and produced all my asset inventories, financials and tax records for several years.  Organized all the master documents, procedural manuals and other documentation.  Queued up the lawyer to help through the negotiation process.  Decided what was important to me in the sale and what pricing I could live with.

For me, taking care of my employees and clients was the most important item.  I wanted someone who would replace me and take the business to the next level.  I wanted my staff treated well and my clients kept happy.  They are used to gold level customer service and I wanted someone who really understood our business and would maintain that.

Thankfully I found someone to carry it forward and now I am doing some training and getting ready to head south.  My support will be in person to start with and remote work won’t be a problem.  I spent the first week of the transition calling clients to let them know about the change.  Now with just a few items to finish up, I am feeling a little less useful.  The transition continues and I will be involved for the next year.  But my future of travel is secure and going off grid is assured.  Now to get the RV out of town before the snow flies!



2 thoughts on “Business Changes – Life Changes

  1. John and David

    So happy for you both!! Living the dream and as off grid as you can. That is awesome. Catch lots of beautiful sunsets for us and swing thru Phoenix when you feel the need for some desert lovin.

    1. wanderer Post author

      Hi John and David – Great to hear from both of you. We definitely will be through your ‘hood in the not too distant future. While our plans tend to be jello, we know we need some desert time. We will give you a call and let you know. Probably January/February will find us close. Can’t wait to catch up and see your new digs!

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