Banff National Park – Wildlife (Bears)

Working around the crowds when visiting the parks means lots of early mornings. Best time for pictures, easy to get parking and LOTS of bears out (not that I think that is a good thing). We ended up seeing 14 bears on our visit! Obviously we survived the ordeal.

Hints for a successful trip would be rising early (like 4:30am) for the best parking, access and the least amount of people. Of course first on the trail, does mean more chance of bears – so work on your singing voice while hiking. My song voice is so bad that all the bears ran away from us.

During our visit we encountered 4 trails closed due to bear activity and a wolf incident in the campground. Thankfully we had nothing by positive encounters with the wildlife. Now the people….well that was another story. Lets just say we won’t be rushing off to National Parks in 2021. We need a break before we encounter crowds of that size again.

Many encounters, and only a few good pictures of the wildlife…

And that wraps up most of our Canadian National Park trip in summer 2019. We loved it and hated it at the same time. The amount of people in one place at one time is unbelievable. I can’t blame them. The summer is so short there and we did have amazing weather. The park does a great job of funneling the people to specific locations – so just get off the beaten path and a few miles out from the parking lots and you are on your own. Evenings are a great time as well, but the park does not recommend going out for sunsets.

Our favorite campground is Tunnel Mountain. We had a great site on the edge of the canyon with views and easy walking distance to buses to travel to town and around to a few different trails. Also, good trails right out of the park. Least favorite was Lake Louise – next to the train tracks, in the bear corridor and no easy access to buses or town. Next time we will skip Lake Louise campground and just drive from Banff, Trailer Park.

Speaking of next time – we want to see the winter here. A dusting of snow would be beautiful! Tell me what we missed for our next visit in the comments below.

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