Arizona – Desert Bar Adventures

This winter we spent running around Arizona and had a couple of trips to the famous Nellie E. Saloon, better known as the Desert Bar. This is a very unique business that is completely off grid – run on solar and well water and only open 2 days a week during the winter months noon to 6pm. That is a schedule I think I could deal with!

Built on the location of an old mining camp, the new land owner acquired a liquor license with the purchase and decided to give the bar in the desert a try starting in 1983. The bar has grown over the years and is a very popular weekend gathering point with live bands, food trucks and plenty of beer.

There are two ways to get to the bar – the back 4×4 way and the front ‘easy’ way. We have now driven both ways to the bar have a few stories to tell. 

The back way, while a short trip, is in rough shape and was challenging to get some of our group through. Many people on quads whizzed by while we worked hard to get the trucks through some of the more difficult trail features.  

The front way is a long rough dirt road – nothing difficult, just lots of dust and bouncing around. 

Scenes from the bar…

Our adventure to the bar the first time was driving the back way with a small group. We had lots of challenges getting trucks through some difficult features and spent a good part of the day out on the trail. The jeep was great and we had no issues except with other people on the trail. We ran into some really rude people in quads that left a bad taste.

Some pictures from the trail…

The best part is of course hanging out with friends on a beautiful day in a fun location.

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