Are We Full Timers?

When meeting new people there are a number of ‘standard’ topics discussed from solar to tank size. One question I always have a hard time with “is are you a full timer?”  Full timing means you are not just a ‘snow bird’ or seasonal RV’er – but committed, as in have no permanent residence.

There are those that are serious (full timers) and those that just dabble (weekenders or seasonal snow birds).  The full timers are experienced, worldly and and wealth of information.  The ‘dabblers’ just couldn’t possibly be as cool.

Most of the cool kid full timers work and travel – having jobs that allow them to work remotely or traveling to working locations and moving around the country.  With the sale of our business, we are still working on our other real estate businesses, but are not beholden to a fixed location.

We want to be one of the cool kids and say we are full timers.  However, we are not full time in our RV.  We don’t not carry everything we own in our 30 feet of fun.  We still have a small paired down existence in Bend.  However, we are full time travelers. The RV is just one method of travel and right now, our most used.

Our time back at home base was proof positive that we were thinking like a full timer – overwhelmed by all the space, appalled by the extra ‘junk’ and wanting to streamline.  While we did a great job minimizing, we are still far from the impressive job many of the other cool kids we know have done.   Now our ‘Bend home base’ has turned more into a vacation destination.  Subsequent trips to Bend will be to clean out the garage and further pair down our belongings.

We love the RV.  Many of our friends in stick and brick houses are always inviting us over and feeling sorry for us.  But really our home is a palace for us and we love it.  We have everything we need and a few things we don’t.  We might miss the luxuries of a feather couch and endless hot water.  But we are not suffering. Not even a tiny bit. I love sleeping in my own bed every night and not a hotel.  I spent most of my corporate work years traveling across the country and I don’t miss hotels or airports at all!

Traveling slowly lets you live like a local and really travel – not just act as a tourist.  Spending enough time to see the sights, enjoy the environment and even partake in some great restaurants and hopefully a farmers market or two.  We won’t make every tourist attraction and may never see another museum.  But we will have an idea of the flavor of the area we visit and a chance to check out the bike and hiking trails and taste any locally brewed beers.  And of course an idea if we want to come back again.

So how do I answer the question are we full timers – yes we are!  What about you?

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