Recently I was introduced to Monin syrups and my martini game has taken a huge leap forward. There have been some wins and some fails – but thankfully Mark and Dave pitched in to drink most of my failures.

One of the big winners, the Apple-Kat-Tini. Let it be known if you feed me and express massive joy over my drink, I will name it in your honor. Basically, my price is pretty low, (and I am always accepting dinner invitations).

This pretty drink can be easily thrown together –

In a shaker mix Vodka, Granny Smith Apple Monin Syrup, squeezed lemon wedges and ice. Shake until you can’t shake anymore (or the shaker is chilled). Chilled liquor is the best!

Pour it into a glass and top with Lemon Lime Sprite (2/3rds of glass). We usually do this over ice to make a bigger drink that lasts a little longer. Seriously, it’s just because we don’t keep any martini glasses in the RV.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. And if you see us on the road – just ask, we have a bottle of Green Apple Monin Syrup that was gifted to the FNRV just waiting for the next pour.

Please notice the amazing shirt Kathie made for me!
I just love the great color and the smell is amazing! I mean it is apple – so isn’t it healthy?

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