Airstream Bootcamp

Recently we found ourselves heavily outnumbered by Airstreams and feeling like we entered Airstream bootcamp.  The bootcamp consists of obligatory introductions and review of each trailers power source — massive testosterone flies through the air as the watts, panels, wiring, battery, inverter brands and sizes are discussed at length.

Day 2 of the Airstream convention includes interior exploration and review of all the great storage ideas and modifications.  This is when the Winnie Aspect (that’s me) jealousy sets in, as I don’t have any room for pictures or magnetic stuff.  The modern interior of the Airstreams are so cool.  But then I touch the button and my awning goes in or out.  I touch another button and the leveler goes down.  I may not be as stylish, but still really comfortable in my glamping mobile. I have serious envy of The Traveling Haywoods with their Vitamix and washing machine – wow!  All the airstreams have propane ovens – I do miss that!  Our microwave/convection oven can only be run when the generator is on.  So no baking for us when not on electric.

By Day 3 we have recruited all the expertise over here to address our water filling issue.  We require pressure water fill – which means we must MOVE the rig every 4 days to get more water.  A total pain as the tanks are small and we can’t just pour in water.  But many minds together pushes everyone to think more about solutions.  And Dave came up with a solution using the existing water pump.  We have yet to test it – but it sounds like we will have a solution.  Yeah!  That means we can stay out dry camping a little longer and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We so enjoy the iconic Airstreams and their modern interiors, but I still don’t think we are so convinced that we will run to the store and trade and in the Winnie.  The more we travel the more we don’t know what the ultimate vehicle combination is.  From each person we learn a little, see a few new ideas and notions and keep compiling that ultimate wish list.  But for now, we are thankful for what we have and enjoying every moment!

Many thanks to @thetravelinghaywoods and @currentlywandering and @the_scenic route for the education and fun!

Currently Wandering - part of the Airstream Convention

Currently Wandering – part of the Airstream Convention

The Scenic Route - another presenter at our 'pop up' convention

The Scenic Route – another presenter at our ‘pop up’ convention

2 thoughts on “Airstream Bootcamp

    1. wanderer Post author

      Thanks Tom! We had that epiphany just a few weeks ago and it changed our world. I would still prefer a gravity fill, but better than nothing. I hope we see you on down the road.

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