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About Us – Shannon and Dave

The tale starts with a city girl  (Seattle Shannon) and a mountain boy who meet and fall in love.  Fast forward many years later and the mountain boy  (Colorado Dave) has dragged this girl out backpacking, up mountains and all over the world.  Surprisingly the city girl liked it and the adventures went farther afield. Snowboarding, hiking, paddling, biking and traveling took up most of our free time.

When not backpacking, hut hiking or camping we would travel the world.   Exploring over 30 countries in the last 15 years together.   We have traveled the world and finally are spending more time in our own backyard – the good old USA.

In 2004 we looked at the balance in our lives and were not happy.  The majority of time was spent working.  We were deep in the rat race and the hamster wheel was dominating our lives.  Living in Seattle we were stuck in gridlock and not spending enough time doing the things we loved.  We worked hard, did well but what was the end game?  What were we striving for?  With no kids we decided to reevaluate the trajectory and focus more on what we loved to do.

Relocating to Bend, Oregon was the next step in our journey.  The perfect environment that let us play just out our doorstep.  Mountains and trails all within reach and a much less ‘intense’ life.    Our friends in Bend are amazing. We love Bend and have rarely regretted our move out of Seattle.

While the backpacking started long before we relocated to Bend, the easy access to the wilderness increased the amount of time we spent.  From the backpack it was on to hut trips, hiking the 10th mountain division in Colorado.  Then a Eurovan became part of our arsenal and winter camping in the mountain parking lot became a reality.  Dragging the mountain bikes around the state to ride was much more fun when we had sleeping quarters.  Such freedom but still cold.  Next logical step, a Sprinter (Pleasureway) van.  With the Sprinter our trips went longer and our distance further.  We spent months in Arizona enjoying the warmth and the trails.

Of course we still had work to do and the flexibility to take the work with us.  With connections available most places and cell phones, we worked away from the road during our long vacation.  The Sprinter was perfect for about 2 weeks and then the space became an issue.  After a couple of years of 4 and 8 week work vacations, we knew it was time to get just a little more elbow room.  Next step a 30 foot Winnebago Aspect.

So here we are, Dave is currently on sabbatical (that is code for no job) and Shannon is working  remotely.  Departure from Bend, February 18, 2015.  Return date…unplanned.

***UPDATE*** October 2015 We sold the business, downsized the house and hit the road after a summer almost nonstop travel for the last year.  The plan remains vague, but number one item on the agenda is to have fun!

Traveling In Style

Traveling In Style

The Pleasureway

The Pleasureway


Eurovan at Mt. Bachelor

Eurovan at Mt. Bachelor

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